Realm Cares about Family

"When you have kiddos with #specialneeds, you just figure it out," says RoC Outreach Director, Nicole Mattison. "Millie's nurse is on #vacation, and luckily RoC's #officeculture is such that I can bring her in with me if I need to. It takes a village you know, so thankfully her amazing therapists were able to accommodate the quick change of location." Here Millie is receiving #occupationaltherapy from @MGAHomeHealthcare.

"Millie's been on CW for 3 and a half years now. Before that, me working outside of the home, let alone having Millie tag along, would have been out of the question."

Most employees at RoC have kiddos, the majority with special needs, and RoC places extreme value on its team members, their families, and their time....that's why RoC is working diligently to create a #childcare center for in-office #daycare and #school options for team members and their families! Studies not only show that on-site childcare increases mental health, it increases productivity.


Last modified on Wednesday, 19 April 2017 15:27
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