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Meet Jonah

Jonah was diagnosed with a brain tumor in November of 2013, a month and a half after we moved about an hour outside of Boston. He was born with congenital Hydrocephalus, so this visit was just a routine scan that turned into a nightmare. Doctors gave us the choice to watch the tumor over the next three months to see if there was any growth. At that point, we would do a follow up scan to see if the tumor was growing. During this time I was told about a young boy using cannabis oil to treat a brain tumor. Staying up late every night, I started doing loads of research on cannabis oil and I found a ton of studies that were being done outside of the US.

After seeing some great clinical documentation and hearing some anecdotal success stories, I reached out to the Realm of Caring. The ROC was extremely helpful and got us plugged in right away. They gave us a ton of insight into the steps that we would need to take to get Jonah started on cannabis oil, asap. Within a month, we were on or way back to Colorado. With the ROC's help we were able to get all of the paperwork done quickly to get on CW within a few weeks. About a month and a half later, we did a follow up scan and the tumor had actually shown some shrinkage. We were ecstatic.

In hind sight and based on Jonah’s slow regression over the course of a few months, clinically, we could see that Jonah was really regressing from the brain tumor. Within a week of starting CW, Jonah had shown vast improvements. He was to a point where, not only would he not walk, he wouldn't cruise or hold onto things to try and walk. Within weeks, he would take 1-2 steps on his own. He was walking behind his shopping cart and the tremors he was suffering from where dramatically reduced.

After Jonah had been on the oil for almost a year and a half, the tumor has shown zero growth according to the scans. There was some shrinkage and a lot less blood flow in the tumor. Jonah is now taking up to 12 steps completely unassisted and he cruises around with his walker with no problems at all!

Over the weekend on 6/5/15 Jonah started to have a seizure. After getting him to the emergency room, they determined he was having a shunt malfunction. It was so bad, an adult neurosurgeon had to do an emergency surgery under the advice from Jonah’s pediatric neurosurgeon. She told us afterwards that she did not think Jonah was going to make it. The day after, Jonah was climbing all over his hospital bed, pulling off the monitors and IVs and was demanding we take a walk with his walker. His neurosurgeon couldn't believe it and thought she would come in the next day with Jonah still on a breathing machine! Instead she saw him using his walker and being a little boy! We know that God protected his brain and think that Jonah being on the oil also played a role in the protection of his brain. We have another scan due in mid July that will give us a snapshot with what is going on with the scan.

We have been beyond blessed by ROC. Jonah is currently taking 1 part Charlotte’s Web - CBD and 1 part THC for his dosing. There is no doubt in our minds that Jonah has not only benefited from using the oil but it is has changed his life and our lives as well!

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