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Quality Matters

When selecting among therapeutic cannabis products, quality of product is of the utmost concern. The cannabis and hemp industries are largely unregulated. Quality standards required by individual states vary; oftentimes, such standards are nonexistent. So how can you be sure to receive a product you can trust?

At Realm of Caring, many of our staff and families struggled with the same question. Over time, we learned to ask specific questions to discern quality products. Where is the cannabis grown or sourced? What solvents or other chemicals are used? What is the product tested for, what testing method is used, and who does the testing?

A few companies are taking quality to the next level in their products. We at Realm of Caring are excited to recognize these companies and partner with them in order to guarantee our clients have access to trusted options when exploring cannabinoid therapy.

Quality of Product Matters

Read our Quality Questionnaire to learn more.

These product lines have met our strict quality standards checklist, including RoC personally visiting their grows and labs to ensure strict standards are being kept. Each company ships throughout the United States and to some international countries. View their websites for availability. Be sure to sign up as a RoC client to receive discounted prices on select products.

Charlotte's Web
Mary's Nutritionals
Mary's Medicinals
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Tikun Olam
Relive Everyday