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CBD, THC, THC-A Education

“I purchased Charlotte’s what? How is it taken? Where should I store it?”

These are frequently asked questions. Every other Monday, we host a free class to educate new and existing clients about using cannabinoid products. No, you don’t need to come every class--each orientation is designed to give you everything you need in one sitting. However, you are welcome to join us every time! Heather Jackson, Executive Director and co-founder, instructs orientation from our headquarters in Colorado Springs and we live stream via Google+ Hangouts. We encourage all individuals and their family to participate in at least one orientation, to gain information you can’t find elsewhere.

Information and recommendations are changing all the time, so it is important to stay up-to-date. Heather talks about administration, storing the oil, mechanisms of action, potential interactions of other medications, advice on increasing the oil’s efficacy, and many more topics. The knowledge gained from one orientation series should make you feel more confident in using cannabinoid products and give you a better understanding of how the product might work for you. We hope to see you at the next orientation series!

Click here for orientation dates and registration links. It's free!

Client Care

We hired a team of Care Specialists at the beginning of 2015 to help our clients with all aspects of the journey to a better quality of life. Their duties begin from the moment you reach out to our foundation; answering hundreds of phone calls and emails every day from clients seeking support for cannabinoid therapies.

Our Care Specialists are service-oriented and focus on providing as much information on cannabinoid products to clients and health care professionals as possible. They also serve to empower individuals to educate themselves and the public on the potential benefits of using cannabis as therapy. Through research, education, and advocacy, the care team provides support that is unrivaled, up-to-date, and supportive. We encourage everyone to reach out, so feel free to contact us!

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Meet Jonah

Jonah was diagnosed with a brain tumor in November of 2013, a month and a half after we moved about an hour outside of Boston. He was born with congenital Hydrocephalus, so this visit was just a routine scan that turned into a nightmare. Doctors gave us the choice to watch the tumor over the next three months to see if there was any growth. At that point, we would do a follow up scan to see if the tumor was growing. During this time I was told about a young boy using cannabis oil to treat a brain tumor. Staying up late every night, I started doing loads of research on cannabis oil and I found a ton of studies that were being done outside of the US.

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