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From getting a tear filled hug of gratitude that their child was now seizure free, or the email that the brain tumor was gone, or looking into the eyes of a dad so thankful his autistic son was no longer injuring himself and others. From supporting a new product line, to trending #1 on Facebook, or signing the first Realm Cares™ grant check! Thrilling.


Zaki Celebrates Three Years Seizure Freedom

Fall is upon us. I love this season. I always have. Even as a child watching with envy as the leaves defiantly did whatever they wanted; changing colors, and then as if saying, “I’m all done here…” falling to the ground to be a crunchy treat beneath my feet. Now, this season marks an anniversary for my family. A time of reflection of what my family has been through with Zaki (not unlike what you have been through.) From 17 pharmaceuticals failing him, hundreds of thousands of seizures, and hospice to Zaki also defiantly whispering in his spirit, “I am all done here….” and his healing beginning. We are three years seizure free in a couple of days, and he has a message for you…

I have a message also. Enjoy the season. Soak up every second with your friends and family. If that decade of unrest taught me anything, it was to be in the moment. I know some of you are away from your “original” family and friends, and I hope that you will connect with your RoC family here during this season; we have a ton of fun things for you to get involved with and make countless memories. You are not alone. In fact you are likely surrounded by more people who “get it” than you ever have been. I am incredibly proud of that. And for those of you not in CO, hold your family close. Enjoy this time. It is all we have. When it is gone, it is never to be regained.

I also get reflective of the year behind us, and tirelessly motivated to end the short remainder of the year with a bang. How many more families can we help? What can we do better? How can we serve you more, those who RoC our world? Whether I see you at the National 5k in a few days, or talk to you over the phone about our research opportunities, or maybe we can break bread at our end of the year client and volunteer appreciation holiday party… know that between now and then, you are in my thoughts, and I am hoping for improved health and quality of life for you and your loved ones. Also know that we are here to assist you in any way we can.

My team extends their love and warmth to you as we enter these last couple of months of another amazing year,

Heather Jackson, Executive Director


Letter from the Executive Director

Spring is here, the birds are chirping, tulips are blooming, lives are improving, my son Zaki is approaching 30 months seizure free - and filling our fundraising cup is underway. This month’s newsletter is focused on our fundraising efforts and why they are so necessary to the continuance of our organization's ability to serve its mission. When we say that the Realm could not do it without you, we mean it. We receive no government funding of any sort. We are completely and wholly funded by individual donors and organizations like yourself. We do continue to apply for grants but what we do may be considered a little unprecedented, so we have not realized any funding through grants... yet. I hold hope in this area.


What a year! What a privilege to serve these precious families. We overcame so many barriers, and we plan to conquer more to come. I know we can do it, and you have showed me time and time again that together we can accomplish anything, truly.

As I looked over at my son Zaki hanging his Christmas ornament on the tree – concentrating focused – it has been over two years since his last seizure. I reflected on the many accomplishments we have gained as a family, and as an organization. I admit I feel a strong sense of pride. I cannot believe we have zoomed through 2014 as fast as we have. We have succeeded this year as a team. We are improving lives. Transitioning from a couple hundred to a couple thousand families, our growth in service exceeds my greatest expectations. As the executive director of the Realm of Caring, I promise to advance research so that cannabidiol products can be more accepted and less misunderstood. I promise to set our minimum expectations to have nothing less than superior client service, and I feel confident that we will meet these expectations.

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