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WHOO HOO!! RoC is 5, let's party! Learn more about why we do what we do, our current projects, and plans for the next 5 years. We currently serve more than 50,000 clients worldwide and there is no way we would exist without you. Stop by and celebrate with us, first 50 guests get a goodie bag! #KindofaBigDeal #BirthdayParty #Celebrate #HighImpactNonprofit

Kyle Turley said in an interview with ESPN on November 5th that cannabis has helped to restore his mind and body after years of utilizing harsh prescription drugs. "My relationship with the pharmaceutical industry started in 1996 when I blew my first knee out at San Diego State..." Turley explains in the interview. He described how the use of prescription drugs brought him to suicidal and homicidal thoughts as well as depression and how once he was able to balance himself with cannabis he realized these thoughts were "100 percent a side effect of the medications". "If it weren't for cannabis I don't think I would have made it back...(cannabis) quickly took those thoughts away from me," he explains as he discussed an instance in 2011 where he contemplated suicide and would have almost taken his life had it not been for immediate access to cannabis.

"We give ourselves a brain disease every hit we take. So if there's something out there that can help slow, prevent and stop the progression of this disease that we're inherently receiving from playing this sport, it behooves everybody that loves football to demand that we research and develop this to the highest level. This needs to be implemented immediately in my opinion, but if we want to really resolve the issues and save football then we need to advance and progress the science on cannabis and not follow any further. There is no excuse for us to say we don't know enough anymore about a plant that is grown from the ground for thousands of years and used as medicine around the world," said Turley as he asks the NFL to look into ways in which cannabis can help with brain injuries as shown by recent research. Turley is part of the Gridiron Cannabis Coalition and has been promoting his thoughts for a while now.

"It's been over 8 months that I've been completely free from all of that (heavy pharmaceutical and even aspirin) and I only use cannabis; my life is getting exponentially better, I'm getting myself back, my mind is starting to come back," he says as he describes using different strains of cannabis to address different issues spanning from helping identify areas of physical pain, providing emotional and psychiatric relief in addition to helping alleviate physical pain.

Read more on the interview and watch the full video here

Today we announce the launch of the Cannabinoid Advancement Management Portal, A.K.A baseCAMP. Just as a basecamp is the headquarter of any expedition, Realm of Caring baseCAMP is the go-to online resource for cannabinoid data and research. It is the portal to the future, containing up-to-date information on the research results, opportunities and resources available. Currently included in baseCAMP is the RoC ORR abstracts as well as an SEC application to conduct research; coming soon is the ability to file for IRB approval for such studies.

Formally the “ORR,” or Observational Research Registry, baseCAMP allows clients the opportunity to enroll in research via an Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved study. The ORR is the largest registry studying epilepsy, with over 700 participants. We are pleased to announce the inclusion of the General ORR which is expanded to enroll those with cancer, autoimmune disorders, pain disorders and mental and behavioral disorders, giving us the ability to follow all participants in their therapies. If you have a question about how to enroll or regarding your specific diagnosis, please feel free to contact one of our Care Specialists at 719-347-5400.


1.We provide great shirts, and encourage dressing up

Arrive in spandex tights festive in leaves and you will not be alone my friend. Don’t wear your best tutu if you want to participate in the color fun, which leads to reason two.

2. Neon paint available, and neon is always fun

Yes we know, color runs are really trendy right now so we are jumping on this flashy bandwagon. Brightly colored paint will be available to get drenched in neon. Bring your goggles, bandanas and stroller covers!

3. Have FUN, and FUND research

What other occasion will your team directly impact sorely needed research? Running is research, let’s do this!


Letter from the Executive Director

Spring is here, the birds are chirping, tulips are blooming, lives are improving, my son Zaki is approaching 30 months seizure free - and filling our fundraising cup is underway. This month’s newsletter is focused on our fundraising efforts and why they are so necessary to the continuance of our organization's ability to serve its mission. When we say that the Realm could not do it without you, we mean it. We receive no government funding of any sort. We are completely and wholly funded by individual donors and organizations like yourself. We do continue to apply for grants but what we do may be considered a little unprecedented, so we have not realized any funding through grants... yet. I hold hope in this area.


Coalition for Access Now drops new federal bill alongside Rep. Scott Perry

WASHINGTON, DC - Coalition for Access Now announced a new bill this morning that would allow those suffering from debilitating conditions to gain access to life-saving hemp oil therapies across the nation. Rep.Scott Perry (R-PA), families, and other lawmakers just introduced this bill with bipartisan support on the Hill.

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