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Discrepancies Between Federal and State Cannabis Laws Pose Significant Barriers to Research – New Guidance Needed!

Twenty-eight states have legalized marijuana for medical use. Many scientists want to conduct research on marijuana in states where it is legal, but are concerned that if they do research with state-legal products they may risk their DEA licenses or federal funding. There are also significant regulatory challenges for state-legal cannabis businesses to comply with federal requirements for conducting research with their products. We need to understand the therapeutic potential of marijuana and the potential adverse health consequences of its use, so the Administration must issue new guidance to provide legal protections for scientists studying marijuana who meet state and federal requirements governing research and who don’t become a source of diversion.


Coalition for Access Now drops new federal bill alongside Rep. Scott Perry

WASHINGTON, DC - Coalition for Access Now announced a new bill this morning that would allow those suffering from debilitating conditions to gain access to life-saving hemp oil therapies across the nation. Rep.Scott Perry (R-PA), families, and other lawmakers just introduced this bill with bipartisan support on the Hill.

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