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RoC is so excited and honored to have Derrick Morgan join the When the Bright Lights Fade campaign and speak up in regards to furthering research into cannabinoid therapy for CTE in the NFL!! Derrick and Eugene sit down with Yahoo News' Katie Couric to talk about their efforts. We were thrilled to have Derrick, Eugene and the Yahoo News team join us at our 3rd Annual RoC Golf Tournament.

From Yahoo:

    "When NFL lineman Eugene Monroe spoke out publicly against the NFL’s ban on marijuana, it sparked a national conversation about the merits of cannabis as an alternative method of pain management for players.

    “What I noticed was that former players would openly speak about their experiences being addicted to opioids that they were prescribed by their team doctors,” Monroe told Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric.

    Monroe, who was recently released by the Baltimore Ravens, has found an ally for his cause in Tennessee Titans linebacker Derrick Morgan.

    In an exclusive interview, Morgan told Couric, “I think for the NFL to say that cannabis does not benefit the long-term health of its players without actually having gone and done the research — I don’t think that’s an accurate statement.”

Be sure to check out the full video and article HERE.

Kyle Turley said in an interview with ESPN on November 5th that cannabis has helped to restore his mind and body after years of utilizing harsh prescription drugs. "My relationship with the pharmaceutical industry started in 1996 when I blew my first knee out at San Diego State..." Turley explains in the interview. He described how the use of prescription drugs brought him to suicidal and homicidal thoughts as well as depression and how once he was able to balance himself with cannabis he realized these thoughts were "100 percent a side effect of the medications". "If it weren't for cannabis I don't think I would have made it back...(cannabis) quickly took those thoughts away from me," he explains as he discussed an instance in 2011 where he contemplated suicide and would have almost taken his life had it not been for immediate access to cannabis.

"We give ourselves a brain disease every hit we take. So if there's something out there that can help slow, prevent and stop the progression of this disease that we're inherently receiving from playing this sport, it behooves everybody that loves football to demand that we research and develop this to the highest level. This needs to be implemented immediately in my opinion, but if we want to really resolve the issues and save football then we need to advance and progress the science on cannabis and not follow any further. There is no excuse for us to say we don't know enough anymore about a plant that is grown from the ground for thousands of years and used as medicine around the world," said Turley as he asks the NFL to look into ways in which cannabis can help with brain injuries as shown by recent research. Turley is part of the Gridiron Cannabis Coalition and has been promoting his thoughts for a while now.

"It's been over 8 months that I've been completely free from all of that (heavy pharmaceutical and even aspirin) and I only use cannabis; my life is getting exponentially better, I'm getting myself back, my mind is starting to come back," he says as he describes using different strains of cannabis to address different issues spanning from helping identify areas of physical pain, providing emotional and psychiatric relief in addition to helping alleviate physical pain.

Read more on the interview and watch the full video here

Death of NFL players calls for an alliance to combat brain injuries and exploring neuroprotectant properties of cannabis

The Realm of Caring Foundation (RoC) is saddened to hear of the sudden loss of Adrian Robinson, former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker. Adrian struggled with an all-too-common occurrence in professional sports: Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). This diagnosis was confirmed during his autopsy on October 14, 2015. The University of Pittsburg tallied 153 CTE documented cases of this phenomenon between 1954 and 2013 that continues to go unacknowledged by many professional sports entities. Research now supports that cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, a non-psychoactive constituent of cannabis, can create neurogenesis and reduce inflammation associated with brain injuries, including chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Realm of Caring's primary mission is quality of life, with a passionate focus on research. Realm of Caring is currently moving forward with PSA's, a targeted alliance of former NFL players and research studies to assure quality, respected and accredited cannabinoid science to help prevent further deterioration of families and the devastating loss of these sons, men and fathers.

Concussion Watch: The NFL's Concussion Crisis
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