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Nicole Smith, a recognized leader and entrepreneur in the cannabis industry, has provided the RoC with one AMAZING stocking stuffer this year:

The pledge to match ALL donations until the end of the year, up to $25,000!

"Quite simply I love everything about Realm of Caring . . . the organization was built on love by the most passionate group of cannabis activists I've had the privilege to work with in the past five years. RoC continues to raise the bar on how not only cannabis non-profits should be run, but non-profits in general. I am honored to be able to support their efforts and can't speak more highly of the organization and the programs they facilitate to assist tens of thousands of families learn about and access life-changing cannabis therapeutics."

Nicole Smith
CEO of CBx Sciences

One-Time Donation

We wouldn't be here without you! Every dollar helps improve lives with cannabinoid therapy.

  • $350 DOUBLED pays for 12 individuals to enroll in critical cannabinoid research with JHU.
  • $200 DOUBLED provides 4 months worth of Realm Cares Grant money for one family.
  • $100 DOUBLED supports our Care Team to take 40 individualized support phone calls.
  • $75 DOUBLED supports our Care Team to take 10 walk-in appointments with local families.
  • $50 DOUBLED sponsors 2 Client Orientation Sessions, educating an average of 100 people.

Nicole's Story

Over her 20+ year career as an entrepreneur, Nicole Smith has created solutions for hundreds of companies across diverse industries, from start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises.

Prior to entering the cannabis industry, she founded and ran Pango Marketing, the only concentrated marketing firm in the country with a financial division for capital acquisitions.

Nicole Smith

Following the passage of Amendment 64 in Colorado, Nicole co-founded Mary's Medicinals, producing the first transdermal cannabis products in Colorado, and eventually growing into eight states. She expanded Mary’s into a nutraceutical line available in 50 states and six countries - Mary’s Nutritionals; launched a pet line - Mary’s Pets; and started a 501c3 non-profit foundation dedicated to supporting and educating medical cannabis patients - Mary’s Foundation for Caring. She serves on the Board of the non-profit Realm of Caring foundation.

Her experience in research and development led to the discovery of transdermal applications for medical cannabis including patches, gels and balms. She pioneered and was among first-to-market the useful benefits of cannabinoids CBG, THCA, CBC and CBN, and continues to develop new cutting edge ideas in isolating, manufacturing and marketing medicinal cannabis. She holds the first patent issued in the legal cannabis market in the US.

After stepping away from Mary's in November 2016, she's brought her experience with consumer preferences and product development expertise to CBx Sciences, to spearhead the company’s launch of new lines and new markets.

As one of the most prominent women in the cannabis industry, Nicole has been featured in everything from New York Magazine to Fast Company to a segment on The Today Show. She has been honored with various industry awards and recognitions including Denver Business Journal Outstanding Woman in Business.

Allie Swann (pictured at the top of this page, and below) was 14 when her family moved from Alabama to Colorado in 2013. They tried every front line medication, VNS, and brain surgery to remove her right frontal lobe. Relief didn't come until they were able to use medical cannabis. Now, Allie is an outgoing, smiling teenager better able to communicate her needs and enjoys quality time with her loving family. View Allie's Face of Cannabis profile here.
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