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Mugs of RoC- Meagan, Volunteer & Event Coordinator

It’s almost FALL! Not that I want to rush summer, I just really enjoy fall.

YUP, that’s me! However, here we are again, cozying up with your favorite mug for our favorite monthly session: Mugs of RoC. If you haven’t tuned in until now, no worries, you can catch up Jan-July. I missed August, I know, many sincere apologies. It was just busy and the month slipped away. So, Mugs of RoC... we’ve been getting to know the RoC Team through our most intimate office accessory, their mug.

This month I chatted with Meagan Patrick, RoC Volunteer and Event Coordinator. Meagan moved from Maine with her family for their little one, Addy, back in early 2014. Meagan and I met in a Facebook Infantile Spasm group, so we knew each other before moving, me from TN and she from ME, both for medical cannabis. We have a lot in common, Meagan and I. Especially that Meagan loves to cook and I love to eat! She makes the most amazing, crisp pickles, Patrick’s pickles. There are a few more similarities- we both have backyard chickens and love gardening, we both have adorable little girls diagnosed with Infantile Spasms. However, Meagan is completely unique in her compassion and ability to produce the most amazing meals and baked goods, particularly in times of need. She is always the first to organize a meal calendar or stock a freezer. When she brings a meal, it is her version of a bear hug; not an “Oh, you poor thing,” hug and pat, but a truly understanding and caring hug. You know the kind, they last until you just want to break down sobbing that someone else really understands the situation, and you feel better knowing Meagan absolutely believes you will get through whatever it is, more resilient from the storm. “How can you say all of that with food?” you may ask. I’m not really sure, but boy Meagan Patrick sure says it. :)

So, grab your mug and let’s chat!

Me: Say “Hi,” Meagan!

Meagan: “Hi, Meagan” hehe (Everyone loves that joke, and apparently it never gets old as I laugh each time, LOL!)

What's in your mug?

"Coffee, always coffee… or cream and sugar, with a little coffee." (Me: have you been drinking coffee long?) "I started drinking coffee once I had kids... those cute, little energy sucking, adorable monsters."

Where did you get your mug?

"Salmon Falls Stoneware in Dover, NH. It’s a local artisan store, they make their own pottery. Kind of a landmark back home, their pottery is super popular back in New England. Their signature pieces all have blueberries on them. Late July through August is when blueberries are in season back home, and we pick ‘em and make blueberry EVERYthing. It was a tradition, we do it every year… or used to." (Y’all should really click that link, it has a SONG!!)

Why do you love it?

"Because it reminds me of home and all the times I made scrumptious blueberry yummies, with my Grammy in particular. We would make yummies and have hot tea together, just reminds me of home."

Why do you love RoC?

"I don’t really know where to start- It’s a home away from home. It’s more than an organization, it’s a community. It’s an extended family of Colorado cousins for my kids, lots of love and support. As far as work, I love being able to pass on the knowledge I’ve gained by being part of this community to other families. I know how powerful that knowledge is and how useful it can be, information from the trenches…. And the people I work with are pretty great. **wink** (That’s ME!) And I know when I take the time away from family and kids that it’s for a purpose, not for a paycheck."


What's the last thing you bought: Uuuum, skis for Colin (her son, he’s 8 now, that’ll be fun!!)

What's the weirdest thing in your fridge: Probably pickles left over from last year’s garden, they probably need to be thrown away. (ME, yelling: YOU HAVE PICKLES LEFT OVER FROM LAST YEAR’S GARDEN!? And didn’t tell me! Again, everyone loves Patrick’s pickles!).

What is your favorite website: Gosh, if it’s the one I most frequently use, it’s the RoC website, LOL! Hm, usually when I’m online it’s for work… Google, because it tells me everything I need to know?? Reduces my ability to have to think, LOL. Ok, I’d say FB, it keeps me connected, we have a love/hate relationship. I can update and keep my family in the know on what’s going on, but at the same time, it’s a huge time-suck.

What's your favorite way to spend time: (Me, OUTSIDE of work, LOL!) I love to be outside, four-wheeling, skiing, camping, canoeing… all those types of things. Just being outside, enjoying nature… NO tech.

Where would you travel to: There are so many places, it’s hard to know where to start… biggest bucket list is hitting all the national parks, next month is The Grand Canyon. We haven’t been to Yellowstone yet, booked reservations for June 2018- we’ve got our camper now and just setting the time to do it. I want to show Colin all the things I didn’t get to see growing up. And we’re here in this part of the US now, so the parks are not that far away- start with the big parks and work our way down.

What's your favorite recipe: (Meagan is an amazing cook!! And Gardener. I’d say her pickles are pretty fantastic). I’m really into the crockpot at the moment, anything I can do to make my life easier. I’d say the peach jam recipe is my favorite, that’s the one my family freaks out if we run out of.

And guess what, YOU can make your own Patrick’s Peach Jam, here’s the recipe:

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