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Observational Research Registry (ORR)

Research is one of our primary objectives. That's why we've partnered with experienced researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to update our successful Observational Research Registry (ORR). During its first year, our Epilepsy ORR became the largest study to collect information about cannabinoid therapy and its effects on seizures and quality of life. With funding from RoC and our generous supporters, the Johns Hopkins team will evaluate the initial data while improving and expanding the registry for future data collection. We're ecstatic to learn more about what works for our clients and how their lives have changed while using cannabis therapies.

Our new ORR captures information about those with Epilepsy, Cancer, Autoimmune Disorder, Neurological Disorder, Neuropsychiatric Disorder, Behavioral Disorder, Chronic Pain, and other conditions. Whether you are currently using cannabinoid therapies or not, your input will be invaluable to other families, doctors, and researchers. We also plan to use the anonymized data in support of cannabis legislation. It's difficult for lawmakers to argue with hard data!

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