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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RoC?

The Realm of Caring Foundation (RoC) is a 501c3 nonprofit entity that provides support for families using cannabinoid products. We believe that quality of life matters. We support affordable, high-quality access, NOW. Realm of Caring focuses on Research, Education, Advocacy, and Life improvement through Measurable results. Led by Heather Jackson (founder and parent to RoC’s second success story, Zaki), and co-founded by Paige Figi, the RoC is working non-stop to provide families with the best information available. For some, cannabinoid products may offer their only chance for relief. Through ongoing research projects, RoC is becoming an educational resource for consumers, physicians, scientists, governments and the media.

Who can register with the RoC?

RoC helps families (children, adults, and pets) who desire to use and learn more about cannabinoid products. We support specific products which meet our high quality standards including hemp oils and extracts high in CBD. We also support the use of quality THC, THC-A, CBN, and other proven helpful products. Those who register with the RoC will gain access to discounts on select products.

How do I register with the RoC?

To register with the Realm of Caring, you must create a Client Portal account. Visit our Registration Form, fill out the appropriate fields, and click “Next” until you reach the end of the registration. Registration is free and only takes a few minutes. Once complete, you will receive an email verification. Then login to our Client Portal, where you will have access to our client resources including Product Guides, forums, dosing calculators, and more!

What is the Observational Research Registry?

We have partnered with Johns Hopkins University and the University of Pennsylvania to collect information about cannabis therapies and their impact on families and patients. First, participants register for a research ID on the RoC website. Next, they complete a baseline research survey online through the Research Portal. They then submit follow-up surveys every three months to provide updates on how they are doing. Participants who are up to date with their surveys are eligible to win their share of $1,000 in prizes every month. Read more and participate on our ORR page.

Can I access CBD where I live?

Most likely! We have partnered with reputable companies who ship their hemp-derived CBD products to various regions. United States residents can order from all supported CBD products, and some products can be shipped internationally, too. Visit Charlotte's Web, Mary's Nutritionals, and Elixinol to view their quality products and availability. Realm of Caring clients get discounted prices on select products; sign up and visit the Client Portal to access these specials.

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