Realm of Caring Florida

Our Mission: Improving Lives

Our mission is to provide counselling services, resources and hope to clients seeking Cannabinoid products in Florida.

Why is Realm of Caring Florida Advocating for Reform of Florida's Cannabis Laws?

Realm of Caring Florida originated to help the Moseley’s daughter, RayAnn, who suffers from intractable epilepsy. Due to the fact that there are more than 375,000 people in Florida living with epilepsy/seizure disorders, Realm of Caring Florida quickly grew to a state wide effort.

Children with severe epilepsy are dying every day because their medications don’t work to control their seizures. A legislative bill legalizing non-psychoactive, high CBD medicinal cannabis is the best chance for epileptic children in Florida to obtain this life changing medicine quickly.

Why is Realm of Caring Florida important?

RoC Florida is important to provide a better quality of life for those affected by cancer, seizures, and muscle spasms through the use of non psychoactive cannabis oil (in accordance with the “Compassionate Medical Care Act of 2014”.(This form of treatment is not covered via medical insurance. RoC Florida will make sure that every patient in need receives the help that they deserve.) Our programs include educating the general public, policy makers, and medical community about the use of non-euphoric cannabis. Each patient’s progress will be monitored through observational studies conducted by qualified physicians.

Do you live in Florida?
Click here for the Office of Compassionate Use to find information regarding hemp, medical cannabis, and a list of physicians who have completed the required training.