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Man With Cerebral Palsy On A Mission

"I am a 24-year-old male with Cerebral Palsy, and I believe certain properties of the cannabis plant help with spasticity, but I would like to do more research having to do with the brain, specifically the brains of people with CP. Unless we remove marijuana from the Schedule 1 Controlled Substance list, we cannot do this research effectively."

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Realm Cares™ Financial Aid is Growing

As we prepare to accept and onboard new Realm Cares recipients, we can hardly contain our enthusiasm. Thanks to your continual donations, our annual budget is over $120,000!! This money is going straight to clients in financial need to help offset the cost of their cannabinoid therapy. Despite this impressive growth, our acceptance rate is still less than 10%. To continue the expansion of this quality of life program, consider donating here. Below are just a few of the moving testimonies that have stemmed from the program:

Client Spotlight: May

She was diagnosed with Generalized Idiopathic Epilepsy at the young age of 4. When we first started Charlotte's Web, she was having approximately 6 episodes a day of varying seizures. She was not responding to various pharmaceuticals with full control; they all affected her personality, as well as the seizures, turned her into a different person.

I am thrilled to say we are approaching a full year since a tonic or tonic-clonic seizure!! We just went for an extended EEG to see if her smaller ones that are harder to detect are still occurring. We were accepted into the Realm Cares Financial Aid program but we already know this is going to have a huge impact for us.


Broncos Alumni Learn More about CBD and its Neuroprotectant Properties

The Realm of Caring's CEO, Heather Jackson and our esteemed Care Specialist John Matu were excited to meet and chat with some great names in football at the CW Bronco Alumni Lab Tour last week. The tour was part of the Broncos continued efforts to learn about CW Hemp as a safe and effective means of combating issues brought about from a career in the NFL. "After we visited this group at Mile High Stadium they wanted to learn more at Charlotte's web," said Del Jolly. Several players also joined our Observational Research Registry we're conducting with Johns Hopkins University.


Realm Cares about Family

"When you have kiddos with #specialneeds, you just figure it out," says RoC Outreach Director, Nicole Mattison. "Millie's nurse is on #vacation, and luckily RoC's #officeculture is such that I can bring her in with me if I need to. It takes a village you know, so thankfully her amazing therapists were able to accommodate the quick change of location." Here Millie is receiving #occupationaltherapy from @MGAHomeHealthcare.


CannMed Recap

Our esteemed Care Specialists Linnette Chitla and John Matu attended the second annual CannMed conference in Boston this past week. They had the privilege of meeting some vanguard researchers and listening to cutting edge lectures.


Mugs of RoC- Lisa, Lead Care Specialist

How is it April already!? Well, onward and upward we go. This month I sat down with Lisa, Lead Care Specialist at RoC. Lisa is multilingual, and this woman has worldly written all over her, let's learn more.

Lisa comes to RoC from Miami, but nowhere in particular, or more so everywhere. In her previous line of work, she was a flight attendant. And then went on to host a television show called "Casa Y Estilo Internacionel" (or if you're like me, and parlez Francais, kinda, that's House and Style International), so when I say she is "worldly," she is the very embodiment of the word. Buckle up and let's go for a ride!


Autism Awareness Month

April is a month full of health awareness: Autism, IBS, Parkinson’s, World Health, and much more. However RoC is choosing to focus on autism as it is the second highest diagnosis in our pediatric client population, and autism prevalence is estimated at 1:45 in the US. Chances are high that you know and interact daily with someone on the spectrum, some more severe than others. And with cannabinoid therapy becoming a more accepted alternative, RoC’s client resources may provide a better quality of life for these individuals and their loved ones.


Heather Jackson Meets With ENDPAIN

Heather Jackson, CEO at the Realm of Caring and audacious mom, sat down with the crew of ENDPAIN and shared her son's journey to a better quality of life using cannabis as therapy. ENDPAIN connects individuals from every background united by the belief that pain of any kind -- mental, physical, emotional -- is nothing to feel ashamed about. Storytelling is their way to learn and empathize with one another.

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