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Access List

Why is the waitlist now called the access list? Because you no longer have to wait for Charlotte’s Web products. Colorado hemp cultivators and extractors have met the need for the 12,000 person waitlist that was created last year. The finished product exists for those who need it. Now it is purely a matter of access. Charlotte’s Web products are available to purchase in Colorado and California. Another 4,000 people received an email inviting them to order. The invite to order doesn’t mean only those 4,000 can order Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil, it is just an announcement and a friendly reminder that product is available to them. All 12,000 who initially signed up waiting for Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil will be contacted by the end of February. This is great news for the Realm of Caring team and the new clients that will be working with them. It is also going to be beneficial for the Observational Research Registry (ORR) that is an International Review Board (IRB) approved study. The next step is a matter of access, which falls under the purview of federal legalities and descheduling CBD as a Controlled Substance. The RoC is actively seeking relationships with federal advocacy groups to push the greater mission of national access to cannabinoid products.





Wednesday, February 11, Realm of Caring is making a special announcement for our next fundraising campaign [stay tuned].

New Ways to do Good

It is well known that non-profit organizations are supported through donations, volunteering and events. While these standbys are incredibly important, today’s technology has created many other new ways for you to show your support for the RoC. The Realm of Caring Foundation is a registered charity with AmazonSmile, Goodsearch, and Ebay Giving Works.


Observational Research Registry

Five Reasons Why The ORR is Fantastic:

1. It provides IRB approved clinical data for the medical community

2. It helps us identify commonalities in responders and nonresponders

3. It provides a platform to launch additional research

4. It will reveal beneficial intake ranges for specific symptoms

5. It will reveal types of seizures and other symptoms that improve with Charlotte’s Web products


Client Spotlight: Ezra

Meet Ezra:

Ezra’s journey started in South Carolina where he was diagnosed with seizures at 4 days old along with multiple hospitalizations at only 6 days old. At 3 months old he was placed on a medication cocktail that triggered Infantile Spasms.

Ezra was on Charlotte’s Web for about 7 months with wonderful results in seizure reduction and increase in alertness and cognition, however it was in March that he developed dystonia, which twisted his frail body into a constant back bend. He broke both femurs, misplaced vital organs, and caused terminal muscle breakdown and constant pain. Through much testing we found out that Ezra is now listed with a probable mitochondrial disorder yet known and this was the cause of the dystonia, prognosis was grim: progressive and degenerative, if not properly treated then it will eventually lead to his passing. He was placed on palliative care including high doses of Baclaforen and Valuim for muscle tension and Morphine and Gabapentin for pain; nothing helped and my son’s body continued to deteriorate.

After much research I found a high THC Indica strain whose benefits included pain relief and muscle relaxation. The Stanley Brothers graciously obliged to make the strain into an oil and the results were simply astounding. His specialists were baffled by the improvements so much that they are writing him up for a case study to review around the United States.



Letter From California Director

We are off to a great start in 2015 and looking forward to fulfilling more goals and dreams. As a result of the Stanley brother's operation of CWHO and our local operation, we will invite everyone to come off the waiting list who live in CA. We will continue to offer great services from the Realm of Caring, educating and advocating, setting standards that offer the promise of the best quality product at low prices with a guaranteed supply.

"Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it."


Care Specialists

We’ve hired four amazing new client care specialists to build those special relationships with our clients and families. A warm introduction to Nicole, Dylan, Linnette and Jasmin. Our care specialists seek to guide our clients and families in their search of a better quality of life using cannabinoid products. The Realm of Caring searched far and wide to make up this amazing team to be the forefront of our mission. Some of which speak spanish and other languages, some are personally touched with kiddos in the RoC program and others have hearts of gold who stepped up to this calling. Special thanks to all our new care specialists who make the Realm of Caring truly a service that is the first of its kind. Our new calling care hours are: Mon 10am - 5pm, Tues - Thurs 9am-5pm and Fri 9am-12pm. Our new number is 719-347-5400.



Letter From Heather, Executive Director

What a year! What a privilege to serve these precious families. We overcame so many barriers, and we plan to conquer more to come. I know we can do it, and you have showed me time and time again that together we can accomplish anything, truly.

As I looked over at my son Zaki hanging his Christmas ornament on the tree – concentrating focused – it has been over two years since his last seizure. I reflected on the many accomplishments we have gained as a family, and as an organization. I admit I feel a strong sense of pride. I cannot believe we have zoomed through 2014 as fast as we have. We have succeeded this year as a team. We are improving lives. Transitioning from a couple hundred to a couple thousand families, our growth in service exceeds my greatest expectations. As the executive director of the Realm of Caring, I promise to advance research so that cannabidiol products can be more accepted and less misunderstood. I promise to set our minimum expectations to have nothing less than superior client service, and I feel confident that we will meet these expectations.


What Separates CW and CWHO?

The Realm of Caring Foundation (RoC) has begun the exciting process of bringing over 3,000 people off the waitlist to start their journey with Charlotte’s Web (CW) and Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil (CWHO). While these are just two of the products that RoC clients have access to, they are the most talked about. The introduction of Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil (CWHO) has created some confusion for many people and we hope to clear that up.

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