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Staff Volunteer Day: Care & Share Food Bank

The RoC staff had a great day at Care and Share Food Bank! Volunteering was a great opportunity for a team builder (we quickly fell into a grove and worked efficiently to help sort through 6 large pallets of food) in addition to being able to give back to those in need in our community.

  • RoC Staff Volunteer Day
  • RoC Staff Volunteer Day
  • RoC Staff Volunteer Day
  • RoC Staff Volunteer Day
  • RoC Staff Volunteer Day

Client Spotlight: Aline

Aline was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a build up of fluid in the brain, when her mom was seven months pregnant. At one-month old, Aline had a Pudenz valve placed which got infected within two weeks. She was in the hospital for about seven months under antibiotics and she started having seizures by the third month that she was in the hospital due to the severity of the infection.

Since starting cannabinoid therapy, Aline has changed in a significant way. She's sleeping better, her appetite is just amazing, she's more aware of her surroundings and her squint eye seems to get better everyday. Not to mention that her seizures have dropped to 0 in over 6 months!!! The most exciting is that pre-school is now a reality; she has started the past week and she's enjoying it tons! We have also been able to go out/travel without being worried sick about her seizures. I would love to mention that my relatives are also doing better than ever, as it was hard for them to know that we were always alert and that we might have had to run to the hospital because Aline would seize.

The impact is just so much! I've mentioned previously we can now see for a better way of living for us and Aline. The whole family is just overwhelmed of how Aline has progressed and how her seizures have dropped. They have been through a lot with with us, going to the hospital, staying with Aline at the hospital (as an emergency room visit we knew for sure that she'd stay in for at least 3 days). We are all just very happy with Aline's progress. You can't imagine how happy her cousins are, as she can now attend various events, she even went to a baseball game last week!! We (my whole family and I) would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the opportunity you are giving Aline for a better chance at life. We cant express and thank you enough for how much you are doing for us.


CAUTION: Road Repairs at RoC

Uh-oh! Road repairs may cause an inconvenience this week as we work to fix up the parking lot and entryway to our headquarters.

If you have scheduled an appointment, and are planning to visit us during the remainder of this week, June 15-17, 2016, please park in the lower/northern lot. (Don't fret about getting lost, it will be the only option available.) While the Realm of Caring does reside in the upstairs of the building, the CW Hemp store has graciously offered their entrance to our clients for these few days. Proceed to their north facing door and ring the bell for assistance. Once you let them know you're here to see us, we'll escort you up to our level.

If you plan on visiting, please ensure you have scheduled an appointment, and let us know of any special accommodations we might need to make for you.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

The RoC Team


Touchdown! “Jake the Snake” Scores Big at RoC, CTE Conversation Continues

In recent months, Jake Plummer has been vocal about how CBD has impacted his health in life after pro football. He’s even become a face of “When the Bright Lights Fade”, a campaign RoC launched in collaboration with CW Botanicals to fund research with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. JHU will research the impact of cannabinoid therapies on Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), potentially benefiting not only professional and amateur athletes from grade school on up, but also anyone suffering from neurodegenerative conditions.

The former Bronco’s quarterback has declared his support for further research into cannabidiol (CBD) and head trauma, and recently made the trip to Colorado Springs to visit the Realm of Caring, and spend quality time with some of our awesome clients.

Jake has taken to Twitter to spread the word about CBD and cannabinoid therapy:

Mr. Plummer has also generously donated items and experiences to the When The Bright Lights Fade Campaign:

Realm of Caring is devising a committee of athletes to create an open letter to different organizations to call for research on CTE and contact sports. You are encouraged to attend the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo, where RoC CEO, Heather Jackson, will be participating on the panel discussing CTE, Concussion and CBD. Register now with the promo code THEROC to save $100, and join us in this vital conversation, just like Jake Plummer has.

Thank you for your support, we hope you come again soon!


Client Spotlight: Brooklyn Grace

Baby Grace is truly Amazing! She has post vaccine injuries, including seizures and a severe rash. She has been through so much after she received her vaccine, and what I mean by amazing is her strength is solid even with her setbacks. She will still have a smile that will steal your heart. We are confident that we will get her to being two! Even though she is unable to go outside unless we are going to hospital or appointment (the sun affects her skin).

CW has been the most promising help for our baby Grace thus far we are all so thankful I honestly have no idea what we would be doing at this point for Grace if we didn't have CW and RoC.

Her skin is night and day! We have not seen any seizures, skin is looking so much better she more active, more verbal communication, and she seems to be catching up to her milestones, blood work is improving. Her lab's just came back and they are the best they have been since she's been effected by her vaccine! We are so excited about this recovery we are seeing!


Eugene Monroe is moved by his visit to RoC

Eugene Monroe in the house!

In March, we launched our When the Bright Lights Fade fundraising campaign. We set a lofty $100,000 goal to fund research with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine into the impact of cannabinoid therapies on Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The results of such research could not only help professional and amateur athletes from grade school on up, but also potentially anyone suffering from neurodegenerative conditions (Parkinson's, ALS, Alzheimer's, Huntington's, and many more).

Former football players generously donated merchandise to the campaign, as did current and former athletes from the NBA, MLB, UFC, and boxing, in addition to several musicians. Due to the NFL's strict anti-cannabis policies, it is difficult for current players to speak in support of the plant and its potential therapeutic uses. Despite the risks, Eugene Monroe, active Offensive Tackle for the Baltimore Ravens, courageously stepped forward. The 7-year NFL veteran doesn't use any cannabinoid products, but recognizes the potential benefits and fully supports research into how cannabinoids may mitigate the effects, progression, and symptoms of CTE. After speaking with RoC CEO Heather Jackson, Eugene generously donated $10,000 towards our campaign, and urged his fellow athletes to support us.

On a quest to learn more about the products and families using them, Eugene flew to Colorado to tour the CW Botanicals lab in Boulder and to meet with RoC families at our Colorado Springs office. We had a welcome party ready for him! Eugene met several RoC families and heard their amazing stories.


Realm of Caring reaches further into the community, and into wellness, with our RoC Community Centers!

We are pleased to announce the official launch of the RoC Community Centers. Spurred by the natural healing witnessed by parents, RoC felt compelled to offer more for its clients. With many families receiving benefits from a variety of complementary and alternative therapies, we wanted to make sure anyone who was interested was able to access these alternatives. Thus began the RoC Community Centers! Both the CO and CA offices offer a variety of options and therapies, please check websites for specific practitioners, times and dates.


What the Hemp? Regarding the FDA and CBD

Perhaps you've read an online article saying the FDA has outlawed CBD5. I am not here to ease your responsibility to act. By the end of this post you will see how you can help alleviate the confusion. However, I think if you are using a hemp based CBD product like we are, you can be assured you have many safety nets in place for your protection.

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