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When the Bright Lights Fade Research Fundraiser

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“When the Bright Lights Fade” Illuminates Need for Research

DENVER (March 9, 2016) – The soul of the NFL may have an unlikely savior – cannabis. A growing number of former and current NFL players are turning to a hemp extract that experts say stimulates brain function, enhances physical recovery, reduces anxiety and depression, and may counteract the effects of concussions.

Some of those same players, including former Pro Bowl quarterback Jake Plummer, are joining forces in a public crusade to raise money for critical research, and among their primary targets is the NFL itself. “When the Bright Lights Fade,” is a powerful video campaign created by the Colorado-based nonprofit Realm of Caring, in partnership with CW Botanicals. One of its goals is to engage the NFL to change the current narrative – the one laid bare by the Will Smith movie, Concussion, and the tragic, real-life consequences seen in too many former players. The Realm of Caring is working with researchers at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Pennsylvania to develop several studies to investigate the impact of cannabinoids on individuals affected by football-related injuries, including symptoms associated with CTE. The PSA is aiming to raise $100,000 in 30 days to help fund initial studies, with more research planned if results indicate health benefits associated with cannabinoid use.

Raise the Realm Update

We would like to thank everyone that contributed to our annual Raise the Realm fundraising campaign​ (keep an eye on your mailbox!!)​. This year's theme was #LoveInspires, and we received so much wonderful and positive feedback on how RoC has inspired you!! THANK YOU!! We want to say YOU are what inspires us day in and day out.

This year we had an anonymous donor offer to match EVERY donation, up to the $10,000 goal. We fell short of the goal, ending at $3,635 but with the donor generously contributing to match the amount, that raises our total to $7,270!! This allows Realm of Caring to continue to write monthly checks on behalf of the Realm Cares™ financial assistance program. We thank you and our Realm Cares™ recipients thank you!

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