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Heather Jackson Meets With ENDPAIN

Heather Jackson, CEO at the Realm of Caring and audacious mom, sat down with the crew of ENDPAIN and shared her son's journey to a better quality of life using cannabis as therapy. ENDPAIN connects individuals from every background united by the belief that pain of any kind -- mental, physical, emotional -- is nothing to feel ashamed about. Storytelling is their way to learn and empathize with one another.

Congressional Cannabis Caucus

We are excited to announce that the US House of Representatives has formed its first Congressional Cannabis Caucus. The caucus was founded by Republicans Dana Rohrabacher and Don Young and Democrats Earl Blumenauer and Jared Polis. The goal of the caucus is to harmonize federal laws that prohibit medical and recreational cannabis use with state laws that permit it.

Get Paid For Research!

We are looking for adults who use hemp oil (CBD) products to participate in a brief study. Participation requires one 45 minute in-person visit to Boulder, Denver, or Colorado Springs to answer some questions and provide a biological sample. Following participation, you will receive $25 compensation.

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