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We know not everyone will be able to participate in every event, so we wanted you to see what we have planned for the rest of the year.

June 7 - Dateline Segment Airs- 7:00 MST

August 21 - 2nd Annual Golf Tournament - Colorado Springs

October 10 - Run for the Realm, Family 5K - Colorado Springs


2014 Events

What a tremendous first year of events that RoC was able to host and take part in. From fundraising family runs to educational events such as Realm on the Rocs, it was a year to remember. Thank you to everyone that participated or supported the Realm of Caring.

Lucky Day 5K- March


The Realm of Caring Foundation (RoC) is a non-profit unlike any other, literally it is the first of its kind. The RoC employees and volunteers aid clients in obtaining safe access to cannabis and hemp products from trusted groups, offer advice based off of collective data about ratios and resources as well as, further research and awareness efforts about these related products. However, it is also a typical nonprofit in the fact that it works purely off of donations and grants. RoC does not charge the clients that it works with and it does not make money from the sale of Charlotte’s Web or any cannabis/hemp type products. The organization relies on the amazing network of people that surround it. What makes Realm of Caring special is you: the clients, the supporters and the donors.

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