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Kelly is one of our newest Care Specialists here at RoC. She's only been here a month, but she jumped in with both legs and is totally RoC'n it!! Kelly is awesome. We knew her before she started, she is married to one of our favorite chiropractors, Dr. Gengler of Chiroworks (shameless plug, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need a chiro in the Colorado Springs area, he has PLENTY of experience with kiddos with special needs, and he is my assumed holistic health coach LOL!), so of course we knew we'd love her. What we didn't know is that she has a BA in German AND Psychology, is a licensed massage therapist, taught at a community college and has worked extensively in the medical field... but as she says, she's a mom first and foremost! <3 She is smart as whip, nothing gets past this lady, and she's not afraid to share her mind and thoughts, making her a wonderful team member.

Without further delay, please meet Kelly Gengler!
Nicole: "Say "Hi," Kelly!"


Holy moly, it's May! This month I sat down with Erika (Erika Rae is her pet name, when you need a quick project done last minute LOL!) Erika started out as Executive Administrator in 2014, when this whole crazy thing started. Erika was about to book a European trip as an au pair, ready to see the world, when she dropped all of her plans to help RoC become what we are today, and we would not have been the same without her. She developed and meticulously guards the Realm Cares program. The success of clients on Realm Cares thrills her, and she feels their struggles and their disappointments. This is because Erika embodies Realm Cares, Erika Cares.

See, she is what I call a human unicorn. She is vivacious, intelligent, caring, courageous and authentic. She's a vegan. She's a Pantheist, respecting all things around her. She's a musician. She loves kids. She is a caretaker. And in addition to all this, to all those she cares for, she has her own physical and emotional battles. This has prompted her to take care of herself and transition away from the Realm of Caring at this point in her life, and we couldn't be sadder to see her go, nor more happy for her to continue to develop her wings and fly.
Now, drying my tears, let's get on with this amazing interview:

Nicole: "Say "Hi," Erika Rae!"

Erika: "Good morning!"


How is it April already!? Well, onward and upward we go. This month I sat down with Lisa, Lead Care Specialist at RoC. Lisa is multilingual, and this woman has worldly written all over her, let's learn more.

Lisa comes to RoC from Miami, but nowhere in particular, or more so everywhere. In her previous line of work, she was a flight attendant. And then went on to host a television show called "Casa Y Estilo Internacionel" (or if you're like me, and parlez Francais, kinda, that's House and Style International), so when I say she is "worldly," she is the very embodiment of the word. Buckle up and let's go for a ride!


Well, here we are, March's Mugs of RoC! If you haven’t heard, this is a way to get to know RoC team members through our most personal office staple: the coffee mug! This month I sat down with Lacie, Care Specialist at RoC. Lacie is one of the newest team members, but this girl is one old soul... She loves crystals, sage, imagining and creating. I know this because she is a total “YES” lady, constantly going with the situation to see what can happen. If you were in a life or death improv battle, you would want Lacie on your team, for sure! That’s why we adore her. Let's GO.


Time for February's Mugs of RoC, a way to get to know RoC team members through our most personal office staple: the coffee mug! This month I sat down with Joel Munson, Program Manager at RoC. He goes by Jefe, T. Joel Munson, Joelseph, and Brother Munson, among many other names. Joel is also one of our longest serving team members, hopping on board in the spring of 2014.


Welcome to the inaugural session of Mugs of RoC. We want our clients to get to know us, and what better, or more personal way, than the importance of an office staple: the coffee mug! I’m Nicole, Outreach Director, and your humble translator, on our adventure through the RoC office. We will talk with someone new each month, so stay posted.

Today, we start with Kathy, she’s the first person you see when you come into the office. She’s our security guard, office supply fairy, do-it-all super-woman who’s been known to clear a drain or two, in short, our Executive Administrator.

Nicole: “Say “Hi”, Kathy”

Kathy: “HI!”

OK, let’s get to know Kathy….

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