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Client Spotlight: Ciara

Miss Ciara has had seizure's since birth, she has a CP diagnosis, a seizure disorder, microcepholoptomy and recently was re-diagnosed with LGS - Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome... we have faced challenges since the beginning and given no hope or encouragement of healing they just painted a glim picture... But I told them her life will be what we make of it & I am doing my best to give her the best life she can have with the challenges we face. When I heard about the Marijuana - CBD- Hemp Oils helping with seizures, I was excited and filled with hope, especially after reading testimony after testimony of it working for all these kids just like my Ciara... Since the first dose, the first day I have been seeing a huge reduction of seizures, like almost obsolete! Seen an increase in her keeping her eyes open, seeing her happier and laughing. Seeing her kick her legs with excitement. It is a true God given gift what God has given us in this plant. It's time to debunk the myths, time to end the prohibition on Marijuana.... for my Ciara, and for all those like her & others facing/dealing with other situations in their lives.
I am thankful for this CW Everyday Advanced, it is the miracle we have been waiting a lifetime for.

Client Spotlight: Patricia

At the urging of my oldest daughter, I purchased Charlotte's Web 1 oz, 200mg bottle of hemp oil. When I was 28 (1988), I came down with CFIDS/Fibromyalgia. The first 7 years I was bedridden. I slowly improved, but I've never enjoyed good health since then. I stopped driving about 5-6 years ago due to severe brain fog. Bodily pain varies; what afflicted me most has been frequent migraines, severe fatigue, a definite feeling of malaise, light and sound sensitivity (so bad I had to quit going to church and other functions); the list goes on and on.

Due to some swelling, I couldn't walk from the pain for over 2 years. On 'good days' I'd try to go for nightly walks but usually had to turn back after just walking past 3 or 4 houses. It wasn't fun; living in the dark and trying to find fulfillment doing basically nothing. I started taking the hemp oil six days ago: half a dropper full twice daily. I cannot even begin to tell you the improvement I've seen in that short time!! I feel mentally alert again. I no longer have that deathly morbid fatigue. My mood is ...dare I say it... almost happy! Things that I had to force myself to do I now do naturally and without thought. And best of all....I have taken 1 mile walks every day since taking it with absolutely no problem!!!!! Smiling, no pain, no fatigue, for the first time in many years!! No way could any placebo effect cause this. I have tried so many things with sometimes disastrous results, and to tell the truth, had resigned myself to a lifetime of misery...It is awesome feeling like my old self after over 28 years.

Client Spotlight: Taylor

Taylor started on the CBD oil in December 2015 with Neurologist approval. So the new journey began...

It started out just stopping every seizure without the use of the heavy duty Diazepam rectal gel. To, currently, preventing them all together. Going on 120 days seizure free on the Charlotte's Web CBD therapy. There have been a few mild break thru seizures previous to this seizure free streak, but mild and very short lived compared to what they were before the CBD oil therapy...and with absolutely NO side effects! This is now mandatory to keep the seizures and other issues under control and at bay. Taylor has shown great improvement in seizure control with the oil. Moods are better, No Diazepam needed, and NO seizures currently. Taylor has been able to come off of every prescription pharmaceutical medication out of the 8 he was on except 1 of them, and once he is seizure free for 6 months he will be able to wean off that final pharmaceutical medication. So to this family, Charlotte's Web, Cannabidiol therapy oil, has proven extremely effective and has went above and beyond "said claims". It's like a miracle! I cannot express the magnitude of the positive impact these oils have had on their lives and seizure control! CBD oil helping is great, and wonderful news and a miracle to see happening for their son. Thanks to this amazing "Side-effect free", natural oil, our son is happy, healthy, off big-pharma medications and is seizure free! He has his life back and that is the biggest blessing. We have all we ever wanted for him, good health, happiness, and on the road to life without seizures. So far so good. Whether it decreases them 50%, 75% or 100% , it is all a positive change for him and proof the oil works. It is far better than the 0% he was getting on the pharma medications for all his issues. It is fantastic to see him smiling again and to be able to finally say, "I have Epilepsy... Epilepsy doesn't have me!"

The future may not always be clear or look bright. Sometimes it's like you are given a timer as to how long you can look in life, but no matter how the future looks, we have to look up to the sky, keep our heads held high and pray. Hold on to hope, because sometimes, that's all you've got. Hope , faith, and love... that's what get's us through.





Client Spotlight: Benjamin

A New Journey – Learning, Love and Policy

Sadly just 10 days after our son’s story was published in the local Highlands Ranch Herald for making it four years and nine months seizure-free, Benjamin started having seizures again Thanksgiving night 2015 which was nine months after he was weaned from all pharmaceuticals.


Client Spotlight: Aline

Aline was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a build up of fluid in the brain, when her mom was seven months pregnant. At one-month old, Aline had a Pudenz valve placed which got infected within two weeks. She was in the hospital for about seven months under antibiotics and she started having seizures by the third month that she was in the hospital due to the severity of the infection.

Since starting cannabinoid therapy, Aline has changed in a significant way. She's sleeping better, her appetite is just amazing, she's more aware of her surroundings and her squint eye seems to get better everyday. Not to mention that her seizures have dropped to 0 in over 6 months!!! The most exciting is that pre-school is now a reality; she has started the past week and she's enjoying it tons! We have also been able to go out/travel without being worried sick about her seizures. I would love to mention that my relatives are also doing better than ever, as it was hard for them to know that we were always alert and that we might have had to run to the hospital because Aline would seize.

The impact is just so much! I've mentioned previously we can now see for a better way of living for us and Aline. The whole family is just overwhelmed of how Aline has progressed and how her seizures have dropped. They have been through a lot with with us, going to the hospital, staying with Aline at the hospital (as an emergency room visit we knew for sure that she'd stay in for at least 3 days). We are all just very happy with Aline's progress. You can't imagine how happy her cousins are, as she can now attend various events, she even went to a baseball game last week!! We (my whole family and I) would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the opportunity you are giving Aline for a better chance at life. We cant express and thank you enough for how much you are doing for us.


Client Spotlight: Brooklyn Grace

Baby Grace is truly Amazing! She has post vaccine injuries, including seizures and a severe rash. She has been through so much after she received her vaccine, and what I mean by amazing is her strength is solid even with her setbacks. She will still have a smile that will steal your heart. We are confident that we will get her to being two! Even though she is unable to go outside unless we are going to hospital or appointment (the sun affects her skin).

CW has been the most promising help for our baby Grace thus far we are all so thankful I honestly have no idea what we would be doing at this point for Grace if we didn't have CW and RoC.

Her skin is night and day! We have not seen any seizures, skin is looking so much better she more active, more verbal communication, and she seems to be catching up to her milestones, blood work is improving. Her lab's just came back and they are the best they have been since she's been effected by her vaccine! We are so excited about this recovery we are seeing!


Meet Jonah

Jonah was diagnosed with a brain tumor in November of 2013, a month and a half after we moved about an hour outside of Boston. He was born with congenital Hydrocephalus, so this visit was just a routine scan that turned into a nightmare. Doctors gave us the choice to watch the tumor over the next three months to see if there was any growth. At that point, we would do a follow up scan to see if the tumor was growing. During this time I was told about a young boy using cannabis oil to treat a brain tumor. Staying up late every night, I started doing loads of research on cannabis oil and I found a ton of studies that were being done outside of the US.


Client Spotlight: Brooke

Brooke was born in Colorado Springs to Dwayne and Diedre Watson. She was a beautiful baby with no hint of what was to come.

Exactly 5 months to the day she was born, she was having trouble sleeping and was fussy. I picked her up and she went into her first grand-mal. It lasted an hour and 15 minutes. Her second seizure was exactly one month later. It also lasted an hour. From then on her seizures became much more frequent but shorter. She developed normally for 3 years. She loved to sing. Barney songs were memorized by all of us. She loved to play waitress and walk around the table with a pad and pencil and say “whayawant?”


Client Spotlight: Addelyn

Here's what Addy's family has to say about her amazing progress:

“What a difference a year makes!! Addy is an adorable two year old little girl with infantile spasms and intractable, medication-resistant epilepsy. At this time last year Addelyn had racked up more than twenty separate emergency hospitalizations for either increased seizure or heinous side effects of the medications she was prescribed to control them, in about nine months’ time. Heavily medicated and still seizing many times a day, Addy was sleeping upwards of twenty-two hours every day and had NO quality of life. We were at the point where we were simply carrying her body through life with us and were largely convinced she would not be with us much longer.

Within minutes of her first ultra-low dose of a non-psychoactive CBD oil, Addelyn SMILED. It had been months and months since her last half-hearted grin. The sudden flood of hope was overwhelming. Over time, we slowly increased her dosage of CBD, and even added THCa, to her regimen. During the last year, Addelyn has gained about ten pounds, discontinued the Ketogenic diet, reduced her Sabril dose, and is currently in the final stages of her ONFI wean, all while maintaining reasonable seizure control. Our once lifeless child, now rolls over, sits independently, plays purposefully and excitedly with toys, gives HUGE smiles, hugs her brother, and laughs out loud EVERY SINGLE DAY! Our time as a family is no longer spent in a hospital, but at the zoo and the park.

Addelyn started cannabis therapy just over one year ago. What a transformation!!! Hands down, it was the best decision we ever could have made for her. Cannabis has given Addelyn back a life worth living.

Now, we work to advocate and educate. Please join us at to follow Addelyn's progress and help spread her message: Cannabis is Medicine!!”


Client Spotlight: Charlotte

Three years ago life seemed to be slipping away from 5-year-old Charlotte Figi, diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome. Everyday her life was ruled by seizures - dozens of them. This rare, uncontrolled epilepsy caused her to have over 300 seizures a week, as well as severe cognitive and motor delays. "All other treatments failed and she had been through periods in her life where she wasn't going to make it,” Charlotte’s mother, Paige Figi, said. “So I had said goodbye to her in my heart many, many times.”

Doctors had tried without success to control Charlotte’s seizures, and the family was running out of options. “It was absolutely, devastatingly impossible, but as a mother, if you have children you understand this, you would do anything for your kids even if it sounds ludicrous, even if it sounds controversial,” Figi said.

What she very quickly found was the CBD oil was not just the end-of-life comfort measure, it was giving Charlotte a second chance at life. “It is a 180-degree difference from what we went through before. Her seizures are 99.9 percent controlled,” Figi said. “She has one, two or three seizures per month, from 1,200.” In addition, according to her mother, Figi’s severe autism-like behaviors have also been eradicated. The type of cannabis used to treat her had been cultivated to be extremely low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) the psychoactive component of the plant that gives a "high", but boosted with the molecule cannabidiol (CBD). Therefore, the extract is hemp oil and administered sub-lingually as an oil as opposed to smoking it. The supplement, named Charlotte’s Web after Figi, was developed by the Stanley family, inspiring Paige Figi to co-found the non-profit foundation Realm of Caring and create the politically active non-profit Coalition for Access Now.


Client Spotlight: Chandler Joy

Our daughter, Chandler Joy, began having tonic-clonic seizures at 4 months old. As new parents, my husband and I were terrified. Her seizures were 60-90 minutes long and would only stop after administering high amounts of Diastat and Ativan. The paramedics were at our house multiple times per week and the doctors and nurses at the hospital knew us on a first-name basis. The amount of drugs being put into her little body slowed her respiration to the point that she was continually hospitalized for days and intubated several times. She was put on at least ten different anti-epilepsy drugs – that all failed. At 13 months she developed infantile spasms and was put on ACTH. She gained 20 pounds in three months and developed kidney stones, which eventually led to kidney failure. Our baby was then put on dialysis. To say we were living a nightmare was an understatement. Chandler was hospitalized almost weekly due to the debilitating seizures, and she stopped crawling and talking. We installed gym mats in our house so she could move around a bit without injuring herself. We tried one drug after another and went to see specialists at three hospitals. No one could help our daughter. At times, she was so drugged up on Topamax, Depakote, Onfi, and others, that she sat staring into space with a blank look on her face. Our daughter was not present, and the seizures continued.

In the summer of 2013 I saw a special on Dateline about Charlotte’s Web medical marijuana being used to treat epilepsy. We had tried everything and failed, so I tracked down how to get on the waiting list for Charlotte’s Web and we waited… The CBD oil has changed our daughter’s life! Chandler now rides a scooter, takes our dog for a walk, talks (although she has a severe speech delay due to the seizures and pharmaceutical medications), colors, plays on her Ipad, plays basketball, swims, rides carousels, and enjoys things other 5 year old little girls enjoy! We have a long way to go in her path of recovery, but we are seeing daily progress and healing. We have had at least an 80% reduction in seizures and now they only last 20-30 seconds. She hasn’t needed a rescue medication in over a year and her daily anti-epilepsy medications have been decreased by 2/3. Our family has a normal life, something we have never known. We do not live in constant fear that she will have a seizure at any moment as they are now so far and few between. Even when she does have one, it is manageable and does not cause hospitalization and developmental set-backs.


Client Spotlight: David

It has been a month since I started taking Charlotte's Web oil for my MS and resulting optic neuritis. I have not had a single incident where I could not swallow & breathe since my very first dose!! (I was previously having one incident a day) My eye sight is also improving again! I no longer see glares (like starbursts) around lights & bright objects (in my left eye) and both eyes are seeing much more clearly. I have gone from a 200 reader to a 150 reader in one month!! I wasn't even thinking it would help my vision in both eyes, but it is. For several months I tested at a 400 reader after I first went blind, but I was at a 200 before, so now my eyesight is even better than it was prior to going blind!! This is for my right eye, not the one that went blind. There is still a cloudiness in my left eye from the nerve, but I can see a difference in the clarity without the glare!


Client Spotlight: Maitri

Maitri was needing 3-4 rescue meds/week. I have reduced her Clonazepam every 2 weeks over the past month a total of 0.25 mg. I have not changed her CW dose in 3 months, she is at 280 mg/day.

The results have been amazing! She has only needed rescue 4 meds times in the last month! She has had multiple days with no seizures at all! She is more conversational, interested in learning, asking questions, her appetite has returned. She is eating foods she has not wanted to eat in a long time. The benzos truly interfere with the way the Cannabis works in the body. I am so happy!!!! Here is Maitri before and after Charlotte’s Web, before she was hospitalized once a month, after CW once a year!


Client Spotlight: Michaela

Michaela started cannabis oil soon after we moved from Illinois to Colorado in January 2014. At that time, she was on 3 pharmaceutical meds and the ketogenic diet and still having 50 seizures daily. Before starting the seizure med depakote, she was having up to 100 seizures daily. Instantly after starting CW, she had a huge reduction. We saw maybe 5 a day! Then in August, it was the start of several very long hospital stays. She has had some very bad illnesses, from a shunt infection, 2 abdomen infections, and now very severe pancreatitis. During the beginning of these illnesses, we saw a small increase in seizures, but after adding some indica THC, they were back under control. Illnesses can lower ones seizure threshold, so despite her being very ill, having multiple surgeries, including 4 of them being brain surgeries, she is still having only 5-10 seizures on a typical day! Last time she was this ill (which was before starting cannabis oil), she ended up in a drug induced coma for a week because of a status seizure.

I must add a very important piece to her journey. The two biggest contributors to her pancreatitis are depakote and the ketogenic diet. The serious side effects that everybody keeps talking about, are actually happening to our 3 year old little girl! Both the diet and depakote were both taken away cold turkey and so far, no increase in seizures! Traditional seizure therapies have failed our daughter! Thank God for cannabis!

We have been in the hospital for a total of 122 days so far (and counting), 68 of them for pancreatitis. Our family would be enjoying life right now if MMJ was an option from the very beginning.

We will be moving home once the oil is available in Illinois. Follow Michaela's journey at


Client Spotlight: Jesse James

Jesse James, Age 9, is kind, sweet, forgiving, smart and affectionate. Jesse has a 10p15.3 Chromosome Deletion, Epilepsy, High Functioning Autism, Asthma, ADHD and anxiety disorder. At 1 year he received his MMR and Varicella and became lethargic, the next day he went into status and was life-flighted with a diagnosis of viral meningitis from the varicella vaccine. Thus began our journey trying varying anti-epileptic medications…

In August of 2014 one of Jesse’s therapist told us about Charlotte’s Web so we watched the CNN Documentary. My husband was deployed at the time so he worked from Africa and I from Colorado to gather information for a chance for Jesse.

Jesse has now been on CW for over a year and the difference is remarkable! His immune system and muscle strength is stronger and bowel and sleep issues have resolved making for a clear minded child. His fine and gross motor skills have improved as well as facial ticks and social anxiety. He no longer requires a modified curriculum in school, has joined school band and plays the bells and snare drum; unthinkable for a child who has such noise aversions that he could not listen to the sounds of the phone dialing.

As of the date of publishing, Jesse has been 54 days seizure free on only CW! We are forever grateful to the RoC and the Stanley Brothers for giving our boy quality of life, social acceptance and happiness!!


Client Spotlight: Millie

Millie is our beautiful 3 year old little girl, her journey began with an Infantile Spams diagnosis at 3 months. We tried several medications including the ketogenic diet, the latter causing severe metabolic acidosis nearly killing her and resulting in a 3 month PICU stay in the summer of 2013. She had hypsarrythmia and spasms up to 300 per day; at that time, we were told she had a “bad brain”, asked to consider discontinuing care should she return to the ER/hospital and told to consider hospice care; we were also told she had a 0.1% survival rate. We did not feel this was the end of her journey and while she was in the PICU happened upon CNN’s documentary WEED. We feverishly gathered as much information and experiences as we could, presented them to our neurologist in Cincinnati and were told to “Do what you need to do to help your daughter”. So we sold our family business, packed up our other children and moved from TN to CO in January 2014.

Millie has been on CW for nearly a year now and the results are miraculous. She is no longer comatose from sedatives and is sitting, vocalizing and starting to notice objects. She has had a drastic reduction in seizures, 75-90% and for the first time since birth she has finally experienced extended periods being seizure free!!


Client Spotlight: Tyler

Prior to CW, each time Tyler caught a cold (which was quite frequently) it would immediately manifest into pneumonia with a 7-10 day hospital stay in the PICU. We constantly dealt with collapsed lungs, chest X-rays, biPap, and much more. The left picture is of Tyler in the PICU with pneumonia.

After starting CW, we were pleasantly surprised when Tyler caught a cold and my packed bags for the hospital sat here in the living room just waiting. That first cold only lasted 2 days, and we never stepped foot into the hospital. We began to see a pattern with colds being short lived and fevers only lasting a day or two. To date, Tyler has been on CW for 15 months and has had ZERO hospital admissions.

The picture on the right is of Tyler with a cold, resting and recovering comfortably in his own home, while using CW.


Client Spotlight: Dominic

Here is Dominic's mother on his progress:

“We have been wanting to let you know that Dominic has been doing great… He has just celebrated his 13th birthday and we are so grateful to the Stanley Brothers and your entire team. In the year since he’s been on CW, Dominic has made incredible progress in all areas of his development. We have NOT had one hospital stay in this past year! Whereas before we were regulars in the ER at Children's. Our families as well as Dominic’s teachers are pleased and notice a huge difference. His quality of Life is incredible. Here’s our ‘lil man before CW and after CW, he’s climbing monkey bars, playing basketball and riding skateboard with a friend. Whereas before he could only lay around dopey from pharmaceuticals, if not constantly having subclinical seizure activity until so bad that we were at Children’s ER every other week for a load.”

Dominic's Before & After

Client Spotlight: Zaki

“a moment”

by Heather Jackson, Zaki’s mom

a moment
each one lived independent of each other
a moment
the scream
startled from my sleep
looking at the clock how long will this one last
too many moments put together is too much to take

I have become very very good at living each moment isolated from the next. I very rarely would let my mind time travel to the future to think about if Zaki will be able to live by himself, will he fall in love, and will he marry? We are working on learning the letter “c” right now. He’s 11. But he knows his colors, and he can play a mean game of Wii bowling. And we are making it to the toilet most of the time during the day now… I measure only what we can do, never in what we “can’t”; in fact the word “can’t” is a four letter word punishable by pushups in the Jackson abode. For anyone. Stranger or family member, including my teenager.

I don’t care what Zaki “can’t do”. Pausing and giving 10 pushups. The girly kind with my knees on the ground.


Client Spotlight: Connor

I am SO thrilled with how CWHO has been working for Connor. He started CWHO on March 17, 2015. At the time he was taking Ethosuximide and Onfi and Abilify. Connor got really sick with the flu and would not take his meds. His body completely rejected them. I kept trying but he would throw them up each and every time. I finally stopped fighting and only gave him CWHO which is the only thing he did not vomit up. Now that is all he is taking. He is no longer aggressive, he sleeps well, he no longer looks puffy and bloated, he is happy. I am getting notes from his teacher stating "Another amazing day!" And...NO MORE SEIZURES! Today in Vision Therapy, his therapist stated "He is better! His tracking is SO much better!” Coming off his pharmaceuticals, now just on is like he is seeing the world for the first time. I chose to listen to the wisdom of his little body… I am beyond happy. I pray all our children get results like Connor.

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