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Fundraising Close-Up

A close-up message from our fundraising director

I was introduced to Realm a little over two years ago at a viewing party for the first ‘Weed’ special. While I work with my children and their challenges, none of them have medical needs that require daily medications, routine trips to the hospital or a team of doctors. I was introduced to families that call those situations their daily reality. Witnessing the interactions that day between this unique group of people brought together by hope and less than desirable circumstances blew my mind and my heart wide open.

I knew that this was so much more important than anything I had ever experienced before and in October 2013, I began volunteering on the phones for Realm. The gravity of the calls was overwhelming and heart breaking. Imagine listening to a parent as they explain how sick their child is with the sound of pain and determination in their voice that stings you in your gut. Every call left me wanting to do more for these families and the Realm of Caring. In the spring of 2014, I was offered an amazing opportunity to be the Director of Fundraising.

The past two years of my life working for Realm have forever changed me. It has changed me as a person, as a mother and as a wife. There have been moments of pure frustration because we find out some new rule that the state/FDA/feds is throwing around. As well as times I feel angry about the complete miseducation some exhibit with regard to cannabis and this movement. At the end of the day all of those moments are worth it when I get a story from a client about their success. That is what this is all about, our clients’ success. For me this is now especially true. My mom was very recently diagnosed with cancer. As soon as we found out, she became one of my clients. My mom is extremely important to me and it is difficult to accept that she is going through this. The only solace that I have found is that I am able to team her up with an organization that works so very hard to support its clients. She is also going to take part in our research registry because the research that we do is vital in legitimizing the use of cannabinoids. My entire job is fundraising. This fundraising is how we pay for these research opportunities. It is how we fund our client support programs such as orientation and the client care specialists. Not to mention, education/awareness events and client family events. These funds also go towards the Realm Cares Financial Assistance program. This program is where Realm gets to writes a monthly check to clients needing financial assistance.

Thank you for taking a moment to read my story. I hope that it helps to inspire and motivate you in your continued support for the Realm of Caring.

Blythe Kingsbury, Fundraising Director

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