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Seven Reason Why Run For The Realm Will Be Epic Featured

1.We provide great shirts, and encourage dressing up

Arrive in spandex tights festive in leaves and you will not be alone my friend. Don’t wear your best tutu if you want to participate in the color fun, which leads to reason two.

2. Neon paint available, and neon is always fun

Yes we know, color runs are really trendy right now so we are jumping on this flashy bandwagon. Brightly colored paint will be available to get drenched in neon. Bring your goggles, bandanas and stroller covers!

3. Have FUN, and FUND research

What other occasion will your team directly impact sorely needed research? Running is research, let’s do this!

4. Create a team and you might come for FREE!

Raise more money than your registration fees by having individuals donate to your team. Get together and create a team, or come out and meet new people!! You never know what familiar faces you might see and what new and interesting things you could learn. Raise $100 or more and your registration fee will be waived. Everything is better when it’s free. Click this link to create a team, powered by Crowdrise.

5. You can be a virtual runner

Not in Colorado? No problem! You can be a virtual runner. What does that mean? Well, you can support a great cause, get a cool shirt and...if you actually run or not is up to you! Deal. Register here.

6. We love brains

“Whether you call it cannabis or hemp, we call it a great cause.” - said all brain lovers. Love brains and support the Realm of Caring at our second annual Run for the Realm. Register here.

7. History in the making!

Be there to help celebrate Zaki’s 3 year seizure free anniversary. This is the longest that anyone has gone seizure free exclusively due to cannabis.

Last modified on Wednesday, 02 September 2015 11:06
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