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Why everyone is talking about baseCAMP Featured

Today we announce the launch of the Cannabinoid Advancement Management Portal, A.K.A baseCAMP. Just as a basecamp is the headquarter of any expedition, Realm of Caring baseCAMP is the go-to online resource for cannabinoid data and research. It is the portal to the future, containing up-to-date information on the research results, opportunities and resources available. Currently included in baseCAMP is the RoC ORR abstracts as well as an SEC application to conduct research; coming soon is the ability to file for IRB approval for such studies.

Formally the “ORR,” or Observational Research Registry, baseCAMP allows clients the opportunity to enroll in research via an Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved study. The ORR is the largest registry studying epilepsy, with over 700 participants. We are pleased to announce the inclusion of the General ORR which is expanded to enroll those with cancer, autoimmune disorders, pain disorders and mental and behavioral disorders, giving us the ability to follow all participants in their therapies. If you have a question about how to enroll or regarding your specific diagnosis, please feel free to contact one of our Care Specialists at 719-347-5400.

With research being a key mission of RoC, the addition of the Scientific Exploratory Council (SEC) will help excel research opportunities from across the nation and around the world. Researchers of all types now have the chance to apply online to conduct their own investigations with the guidance, resources and experience of the Realm of Caring team. This includes medical as well as anthropological studies, with recent requests from institutions such as Dartmouth, University of Virginia and San Diego State University.

Last modified on Thursday, 26 May 2016 13:03
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