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Client Spotlight: Drew

Meet Drew:

Drew has been enduring seizures for over 3 years now, resulting in a Lennox Gastaut diagnosis. Within the past 6 months he began having drop seizures resulting in violent injury requiring constant ER visits. He has had numerous black eyes and scars on his forehead from the trauma. Also, around this same time frame, Drew was being dismissed by many of his therapists for not performing/attaining any of his set goals.

Since starting CW, Drew has made a WONDERFUL turnaround. He has NOT had 1 drop seizure, and his other seizures have decreased approximately 90%. His reviews from his therapists have also made a complete turnaround. He is accomplishing goals, and we are even writing new ones. His teachers are amazed at how different he is in school. He is able to do so many more tasks and his attention span has increased tremendously. He has even regained his clapping and some words.

We are SO PROUD of our Drew and so thankful for CW! I look forward to even more successes in the near future.

Last modified on Thursday, 05 October 2017 09:39
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