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Client Spotlight: Robin

At the age of 57 I have lived with intractable complex partial seizures for 44 years. Neurologists have had me try most of the anticonvulsants that are made and I still take three of them. When I became persistent to my epileptologist about trying CBD he finally gave me the name 'Realm of Caring' to contact!

RoC has been a joy to work with as well as CW and my family and I thank you. My last day of cluster seizures (5) was almost a year ago and I started taking CBD oil the next day. I have had no cluster seizures since! My doctor is happy with this outcome and we even cut down some of my other meds, but it's a careful journey. I still have periodic seizures, 1-2 a month, but they are very mild in length, neurological effects and number compared to 5-7 a month in previous years past. Thank you RoC.

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