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CannabiSalud 2017 Recap

Realm of Caring made it’s way well across the Mexican border and into Guadalajara, June 2nd and 3rd. Tempting were the mariachis, and the margaritas, however, it was the first Latin American symposium on medical cannabis for medical professionals that eventually got us on a plane heading South to CannabiSalud 2017.

Our CEO, Heather Jackson was invited to speak and serve on a panel alongside other notable figures coming together from Spain, Israel, Colombia, United States and Mexico. If you have never heard Heather speak publicly, she seamlessly marries heart and science as she shares her intimate journey with her son Zaki​,​ who suffers from a catastrophic form of Epilepsy called Doose Syndrome. Heather rarely makes broad, sweeping statements and prides herself on delivering facts based on science and research with concrete numbers clearly demonstrating the amount of people her organization reaches. Often confused for a Doctor, Heather, humbly looks away while waving her hand in ​objection and then looks pointedly into my eyes, “I don’t have any letters next to my name and I make sure to say that often during my talks; I’m just a mom.. and I want to be the best one at that.”

This statement resonates deeply as moms raise their hands and through a simultaneous interpreter ask questions regarding their children with Epilepsy, Autism and degenerative diseases. ​Bilingual ​Care Specialists, Linnette and Lisa answer questions predominately on dosing​,​ which prove difficult as many of them are making their own products until regulations are created to make products available. Doctors ask about pain, cancer, and palliative care. Others want to know when THC is more appropriate than CBD. Curious attendants walk by our booth and stare at the smiling faces of children that makes up the backdrop for our table while reaching for brochures and business cards.. “What do you do?” they ask​. ​ Linnette looks up and into their eyes.. “We care” she replies. This resonates as well.

Two twelve hour days went by very quickly and then this immaculately organized symposium reached its culmination with a fiesta that included mariachis, margaritas, street food, and dancing! Who could leave Mexico without a little “fiesta" under their belt? Not us..

​-Lisa, Bilingual, Lead Care Specialist

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