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Client Spotlight: Eli

Our son, Eli, was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 5. He is currently 15 years old. He has had fine motor and developmental delays since he was born. He never had complete seizure control. When he approached adolescence, his seizures increased dramatically to at least one per week. We had difficulty controlling his seizures and his behavior became more and more erratic with the increased anti- seizure medications and frequent seizures. After more testing, we found out last year that he has a genetic disorder, which was helpful to explain many of the symptoms he has had, but upsetting because we knew the seizures would not be outgrown.

We had been following the Charlotte Figi story, and once we were aware that the hemp oil was available to ship, we decided to try it for our son. He started taking the hemp oil supplement last July, and he has been seizure free ever since! We are so thankful! He still takes an anti- seizure medication and has a VNS, but he has now been seizure free for 10 months (longest since initially diagnosed)! He has been taking the Everyday supplement.

Last modified on Tuesday, 30 May 2017 11:13
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