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Client Spotlight: Devin

To many, this is just a kid on a bike. Simple, right?

I can remember a boy who used to be terrified to leave the house, who couldn't go to the bathroom by himself, had fits of rage and had so many seizures every day that he couldn't finish a sentence. I can remember the day he decided to get on a swing. It was just one week after we started to use CBD. It was like meeting our kid for the first time. Just playing a game or drawing a straight line at 7 yrs old was impossible. It devastates parents and families as well...deeply.

The start of this young man's life has been very difficult to put it lightly. Although he still deals with some of these things on a much smaller level, he now gets to feel like a normal kid.

I was just standing at the end of the street today, waiting for him to ride back when it hit me. I was overcome with gratitude for so many reasons. But mostly I just wanted to share what I now am certain of. CBD and many medical cannabis-based medicines change lives. It's hard to impress upon you just how much I mean.

Devin used to drool and wear a helmet because he was on so many drugs that didn't work. It made him so much worse.

Look at him! It's not a miracle. It's ignorance and stigma lifted off of our medical world. It's beautiful.

Last modified on Tuesday, 23 May 2017 16:51
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