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Mugs of RoC- Erika, Operations Team

Holy moly, it's May! This month I sat down with Erika (Erika Rae is her pet name, when you need a quick project done last minute LOL!) Erika started out as Executive Administrator in 2014, when this whole crazy thing started. Erika was about to book a European trip as an au pair, ready to see the world, when she dropped all of her plans to help RoC become what we are today, and we would not have been the same without her. She developed and meticulously guards the Realm Cares program. The success of clients on Realm Cares thrills her, and she feels their struggles and their disappointments. This is because Erika embodies Realm Cares, Erika Cares.

See, she is what I call a human unicorn. She is vivacious, intelligent, caring, courageous and authentic. She's a vegan. She's a Pantheist, respecting all things around her. She's a musician. She loves kids. She is a caretaker. And in addition to all this, to all those she cares for, she has her own physical and emotional battles. This has prompted her to take care of herself and transition away from the Realm of Caring at this point in her life, and we couldn't be sadder to see her go, nor more happy for her to continue to develop her wings and fly.
Now, drying my tears, let's get on with this amazing interview:

Nicole: "Say "Hi," Erika Rae!"

Erika: "Good morning!"

Whats in your mug?
"My morning protein shake, vegan- of course: this morning is vanilla with almond butter (on top of hemp protein, organic kale, chlorella, broccoli, spirulina, and maca root)."

Where did you get your mug?
"It was a gift from my parents for Winter Solstice. I became an aunt last year, it was a crowning moment of my life."

Why do you love it?
"​It's a wonderful and constant reminder since my niece lives in North Carolina."

Why do you love RoC?
"Because we walk the walk, not just talk the talk. We really care, we're constantly making exceptions to societal notions, and innovating constantly. We're NEVER standing still, constantly pushing."
​M​e: "So would you say we run the run, or sprint the sprint?!?! (typical me, thinking I'm hi-LAR-ious!)


What's your favorite website:​ It provides guides for ethically-minded consumers with the intent to create positive change. That's only because I probably can't use as my favorite, right? ;)​

What's your favorite book?: ​ The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz. It speaks truth to me and offers practical ​ways to change your life and mindset.

What was your favorite childhood toy?:​ I'd say a soccer ball (Me, shocked! "Really??") Yeah, I played soccer for 8 years.​ (I had NO idea, after 3 years of working together...see this is why these interviews are so important, LOL!)

Where would you travel to?: Where wouldn't I travel to?! I'd like to visit cultures that are vastly different from my own...and someplace warm.​

What do you wish humanity would learn?: To respect each other, all living things, and Mother Earth. Live and let be.​

Who do you admire and why?: I'm gonna sound like a suck-up (LOL) but, I​'d say our CEO, Heather Jackson. She's a great example of a strong, empathetic leader who can make real change happen. If I can make even a fragment of impact in this life that she's made, then I will be satisfied.

In closing, dear Erika Rae, is there anything you'd like to say to our faithful readers?
"​Always be true to yourself, embrace your fears and then keep being true​ to yourself."

​Thank you Erika Rae, for your devotion, your dedication, and your heart. We love you dearly, and we all know that you HAVE made an impact in this life!

Last modified on Tuesday, 13 June 2017 17:01
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