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Mugs of RoC- Lacie, Care Specialist

Well, here we are, March's Mugs of RoC! If you haven’t heard, this is a way to get to know RoC team members through our most personal office staple: the coffee mug! This month I sat down with Lacie, Care Specialist at RoC. Lacie is one of the newest team members, but this girl is one old soul... She loves crystals, sage, imagining and creating. I know this because she is a total “YES” lady, constantly going with the situation to see what can happen. If you were in a life or death improv battle, you would want Lacie on your team, for sure! That’s why we adore her. Let's GO.

Nicole: “Say “Hi,” Lacie!”

Lacie: “Hiiiiiii”

What’s in your mug?
“Soy Chai Latte, it’s my fave! Delish!“

Where did you get your mug?
“I found it at the office- it was in a closet, in the very was meant for me.”

Why do you love it?
“Because it says “LOVE” and it’s pink :) Because love is the most powerful action there is, you can feel it but it doesn’t mean anything until you act on it.“

Why do you love RoC?
“Because it is making the world a better place, one life at a time. It’s powerful to have such a positive impact in someone’s life and in someone’s family. I love that we empower people to take charge of their own health and provide support for people who need it the most... kinda like life support, those who call just really have nowhere else to turn.“

What’s your fave meme on the interwebs: Cats with bread on their faces

Who do you admire, and why: Our clients, those who call in and are fighting chronic issues every day, they’re so brave!

What are you reading right now: (Laughing her adorable, contagious laugh)
I’m reading, like, 5 books! “Codependency” by Melody Beattie. I have the whole set: workbook, daily affirmations and actual book.

What’s your fave band: Marconi Union

What’s your fave quote: The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us, but those who win battles we know nothing about. -Source Unknown

What's your health routine: Wim Hoff, yoga, and I exercise twice a day. Water, vitamins and minerals, to stay young and pretty (AS IF! This girl is gorgeous!) and hike. I hike to stay in nature, nature is the key to my soul.

What would you like to say to all of your faithful admirers? “Be the reason someone smiles today”

Thanks for being a good sport Lacie, you make us ALL smile, and you RoC!!

Last modified on Tuesday, 13 June 2017 17:01
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