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Mugs of RoC: Meet Kathy

Welcome to the inaugural session of Mugs of RoC. We want our clients to get to know us, and what better, or more personal way, than the importance of an office staple: the coffee mug! I’m Nicole, Outreach Director, and your humble translator, on our adventure through the RoC office. We will talk with someone new each month, so stay posted.

Today, we start with Kathy, she’s the first person you see when you come into the office. She’s our security guard, office supply fairy, do-it-all super-woman who’s been known to clear a drain or two, in short, our Executive Administrator.

Nicole: “Say “Hi”, Kathy”

Kathy: “HI!”

OK, let’s get to know Kathy….

What’s in your mug?
“Just say coffee…and half&half.”

Where did you get it?
“Anthropologie in the Kansas City area, where we lived before we moved to CO for our superhero kiddo, Otis.”

Why do you love it?
“It’s difficult to spill, I’m more than a little accident prone.” (SIDENOTE: Kathy was recently in a walking boot after breaking and severely dislocating her middle toe when she tripped. She had surgery to replace and pin it and couldn’t drive for 6 weeks. Sorry, Kathy!!)

Why do you love RoC?
“I get to work with a stellar team of super compassionate people and connect with clients all over the world.”

What’s your favorite book: “Harriet the Spy”

What’s your favorite band: “Avett Brothers”

What’s your favorite movie of all time: “Wedding Singer”

Give me a quote: Good luck finding a DJ that can move and shake like THIS!

Where would you like to travel to: “Italy”

If you had a million dollars: “I would invest in my future, for Otis. Create the home of our needs and dreams… and then go to Italy, of course.”

What would you like to say to all of your faithful admirers? “Can I borrow $5?” :)

Thanks for being a good sport, Kathy, you RoC!

Last modified on Saturday, 11 February 2017 00:52
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