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When the Bright Lights Fade Research Fundraiser Featured

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“When the Bright Lights Fade” Illuminates Need for Research

DENVER (March 9, 2016) – The soul of the NFL may have an unlikely savior – cannabis. A growing number of former and current NFL players are turning to a hemp extract that experts say stimulates brain function, enhances physical recovery, reduces anxiety and depression, and may counteract the effects of concussions.

Some of those same players, including former Pro Bowl quarterback Jake Plummer, are joining forces in a public crusade to raise money for critical research, and among their primary targets is the NFL itself. “When the Bright Lights Fade,” is a powerful video campaign created by the Colorado-based nonprofit Realm of Caring, in partnership with CW Botanicals. One of its goals is to engage the NFL to change the current narrative – the one laid bare by the Will Smith movie, Concussion, and the tragic, real-life consequences seen in too many former players. The Realm of Caring is working with researchers at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Pennsylvania to develop several studies to investigate the impact of cannabinoids on individuals affected by football-related injuries, including symptoms associated with CTE. The PSA is aiming to raise $100,000 in 30 days to help fund initial studies, with more research planned if results indicate health benefits associated with cannabinoid use.

Watch “When The Bright Lights Fade” – narrated by Academy and Grammy award winning Melissa Etheridge and featuring former NFL players Plummer, Nate Jackson, Charlie Adams, Tatum Bell, and Reuben Droughns – here

“The benefits of this product represent a true game-changer for anyone playing high-level contact sports,” said Plummer. “I have experienced it first-hand, and believe without a doubt that with a fully-funded research effort we can find answers and successfully treat the long-term effects of brain injury in sports.”

This is not the first in-depth research endeavor for Realm of Caring. Just last year, Realm of Caring gained notoriety for conducting the largest observational cannabinoid research registry of epilepsy clients. Including over 500 participants enrolled worldwide, the aspiration is to make connections with those affected by a variety of epilepsy diagnoses to help further the understanding of how cannabinoid therapy may benefit this particular population. The current study is set to broaden later this month with the ability to follow any individual using cannabinoid therapy for a multitude of health conditions. “Systematic data collection is essential for evaluating the real benefit and safety of cannabinoid medicines, and Realm of Caring’s research efforts will provide significant advances in our knowledge and understanding.” said Ryan Vandrey, Ph.D., Associate Professor at the Johns Hopkins University Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit.

CW Botanicals, a pioneer in hemp oil therapy, originally developed Charlotte’s Web (a hemp-based oil rich in cannabidiol, a non-euphoric cannabinoid) as a natural progenitor for overall brain health. Containing no more THC (the chemical that causes the psychotropic “high”) than the average hemp granola bar, their hemp oil delivers precise levels of cannabinoids, naturally occurring compounds that interact with neuroreceptors in the brain and the endocannabinoid system to regulate processes such as appetite, pain sensation, mood, and memory.

There is some preclinical research that suggests cannabis, CBD in particular, can act as a neuroprotectant (preventing damage to brain cells), and also act as a neurogenerator (promoting the growth of new, healthy brain cells). Such effects may have the potential to offset chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), the degenerative brain disease caused by repetitive head trauma. Anecdotal evidence asserts that cannabidiol-rich products like Charlotte’s Web not only mitigate aches and pains and help speed recovery from injury, they also stabilize mood and help manage aggression, frequently associated with CTE.

“With all we know about the benefits of cannabinoids, we really haven’t begun to scratch the surface yet,” said Ryan Kingsbury, spokesperson for CW Botanicals. “With the help of medical science, we believe we can remove all the barriers that continue to prevent people who need this therapy from obtaining it and continue to discover the wide range of benefits it offers.”

The federal government denies that plant-based cannabinoids have medical benefits, yet it holds a Department of Health and Human Services patent for the medical use of cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants. Most professional sports leagues still restrict players from using cannabinoid products, even though a recent study conducted by the Department of Veterans Affairs and Boston University showed 96 percent of NFL players suffer from CTE.

The full potential of cannabinoids is not yet understood by medical science. Cannabinoids could hold the key to the future of self-care and preventative maintenance, whether protecting the health of athletes, staving off dementia in old age, or giving hope to a child who suffers from grand mal seizures.

CW Botanicals and the Realm of Caring are committed to partnering with research institutes, universities, and sports organizations worldwide to unlock the mysteries of cannabinoids, fulfilling the promise they hold for the human body, and encouraging policies that would lead to greater access for the thousands in need.

“When the Bright Lights Fade” is designed to capture public attention and ultimately gain the involvement of the NFL and other organizations to raise money for clinical research.

About Realm of Caring
Realm of Caring, a registered 501c3 non-profit, is an educational resource for patients, physicians, scientists, and governments committed to educating the public about medicinal cannabinoid therapies, increasing legal access for patients across the country, and advancing cannabis research. For more information, please visit

About CW Botanicals
Denver-based CW Botanicals, creators and manufacturers of Charlotte’s Web hemp extract, is a leader in the hemp industry, developing world-renowned hemp genetics and working tirelessly with various states, countries, and committees to provide a better quality of life for those affected by disorders and diseases. For more information, please visit

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