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Albuquerque baby makes history with cannabis oil at Colorado hospital

Albuquerque baby makes history with cannabis oil at Colorado hospital
RoC loves to share success stories, and Amylea's is one for the Colorado History books. When Nicole Nunez arrived at the Realm of Caring office, she was no stranger. She has already spoken to several staff members on the phone, and touched several hearts. Team member Kathy spoke in person with Nicole Nunez.

"I was so impressed by the information Nicole (Amylea's mom) already had, about her options and medical cannabis. She had just arrived to Denver that day after being air-lifted with Amylea, she drove straight here (to the RoC Office). Having been through this with our son at the same age, I was truly inspired by her courage and love for her newborn daughter," said Kathy.

KRQE reports:

“I sat for a good three weeks fighting with the doctors and trying to talk them into giving me the okay,” Nicole said. “I’ve been working with the case study team and the neurology team here at children’s and I’m hopeful this will work.”

Today, the hospital gave that “okay” the family has been waiting for.

“For us to get the approval for us to administer it while she in the NICU while she’s a patient…it’s kind alike a miracle,” Nicole said. “Because they were completely against it saying, ‘No you can’t do it, you have to wait until she’s an out-patient.”

Although doctors gave the okay, they are not allowed to administer the oil. The family has to give the doses to Amylea. The family said nurses already noticed a difference in her being more alert than usual, and she’s only had two doses.

"I remember we were both crying on the phone, just so devastated. After seeing the follow up, our tears paid off," said RoC Care Team member Jasmin.

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