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How 2015 Impacted and Inspired Our Staff

We get a lot of calls from clients expressing their gratitude towards RoC (36,958 in 2015 to be exact); calls about how the research and information they have received has aided them, how the products have changed their quality of life, and how the programs RoC offers has provided an improvement in their lives. What most people don’t understand is the profound impact our clients have on us, the staff. Here are a few examples of how our staff’s lives have been impacted in 2015 by RoC clients…

Nonie - Care Specialist

The biggest impact of 2015 for me was receiving a call from a man who was happy and excited. His wife who was told there was nothing more they could do for her brain cancer is now cancer free after six months on CWHO.

Linnette - Care Specialist

A lady called and we were talking for a long time and I could hear the pain through her broken voice saying she could not let her son die. By the end; she kept saying “Thank you for listening Thank you for giving us hope”. I cried after I hung up full of mixed emotions...

Erika - Realm Cares Coordinator

The biggest impact of 2015 for me was when I received a handwritten note from a Realm Cares applicant that read “It means the world to me that someone cared enough to help! Thank you!!”

Jasmin - Care Specialist

I had a young father call me while his daughter was lying in the hospital bed having a flare up from the diagnosis of Crohn's disease. She is only 5 years old and had already built a tolerance to most pain medications that were available for her age. While watching one of the WEED episodes, the father googled RoC and ordered CWHO immediately. He had went through all our resources and gave her a dose. His daughter was able to go home from the hospital and not add another medication to her regimen. This is very close to me because of my mother who is also dealing with this terrible disease.

Kathy - Executive Administrator

I had a long conversation one day with the mother of a child--a little boy about the same age as my own son--who suffers from medically refractory epilepsy. All available medical interventions had failed her son, and the seizure medication he was taking (a benzodiazepine which they were slowly weaning due to its ineffectiveness at controlling his seizures and the drug’s potentially dangerous side effects) was not compatible with the CBD (CW) he had been taking for the past several months. It became clear to me as she spoke that this mother was desperate for someone to just tell her the right thing to do to heal her son. What struck me the most about this conversation was just how much this family’s story echoed my own. There were so many times during our conversation when this mother could have been recounting my own son’s story and my own family’s experience to me, almost word for word. I wished so hard to be able to give this mother the answers she was seeking, but the best I could offer was my own personal understanding of her situation and an empathetic ear, and maybe (hopefully) a little bit of hope.

Mario - Business Intern

Joining the RoC Team and meeting all these amazing coworkers and being introduced into the Stanley Family was my Biggest Impact of 2015. Getting in contact with clients from Germany, helping people and being part of something big - thank you for this amazing opportunity!

John - Care Specialist

The biggest impact for me was the communication I had with a mom about her son. She is a single mother and her son has overcome numerous setbacks and almost constant adversity (surgeries, failed medications.) This Mother’s strength in the face of incredible odds, and the unending support she gives for her only child is awe inspiring and heart breaking at the same time. I find her level of positivity absolutely amazing. She has so much hope for herself and her son (both have chronic conditions). I have hope for them too.

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