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RoC Spring Cleaning

Come join the party!

RoC families, friends, and staff will join forces on May 17th from 9am-5pm to Spring Clean the Office at our National Headquarters at 3515 N. Chestnut Avenue from 9a-5p. Please drop by to visit and lend a hand to help the RoC shine! We will be sprucing up the inside of the building, as well as completing some yard work projects. Please bring your pruning shears, rakes, shovels, cleaning supplies, and anything else we might need to provide a little tender loving care to our beloved building.


Parent to Parent: Medicaid Waivers for Adults & Teens

Do you have an adult or teen in your life with disabilities? Do you have a thousand questions about Medicaid Waivers and the pros/cons of each? Can you use the guidance of another caregiver who's been through it recently and is willing to share information "from the trenches" of advocacy?

Meet Jennie Stormes: Fierce advocate. Dynamic, talented nurse. Mom to two diverse and wonderful young adults.


RoC Volunteer Information Session

Join us! This event is for the "change-makers" in our community; you passionate individuals who are actively searching for specific ways to contribute and BE THE CHANGE. You may already know the "Why", it's your personal calling to make a difference, but let us share with you the "How". Please RSVP to either the morning or evening session, and bring a friend!


  • Brief history of Realm of Caring, including our strong volunteer heritage.
  • Overview of RoC's Programs and Services: Get the inside scoop on the ins-and-outs.
  • Learn about specific opportunities to take action and become an integral partner in a growing organization!

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    RoC Family & Friends Holiday Appreciation Party

    RoC Family & Friends Holiday Appreciation Party

    It's that time of year again, time to share with family and friends! Realm of Caring wants to invite its Family & Friends to the Holiday Appreciation Party to celebrate YOU and thank our volunteers. Join us at Glen Eyrie's Great Hall, decked out with holiday spirit on December 2, from 10am to 12pm.

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