California, we need your immediate help!

California, we need your immediate help!
California, we need your help today. Governor Newsom and legislators are currently working on bill AB228 that could decide the future of CBD. If they aren't able to reach an agreement by Tuesday, the bill would be delayed for months. We're working to ensure positive outcomes and continued safe access to CBD, and your voice will make a difference today!

Our friends at the US Hemp Roundtable have made it simple for you to contact your legislators but it's important that your message is sent over this weekend for your voice to be heard. 

Share a summary of your personal story to convey to Legislators how CBD products have impacted your life.  Ask them to reconsider bill AB228 or a similar bill and ask your Governor to tell the California Department of Public Health to cease and desist any enforcement actions in the meantime. 

Here is a link to submit your requests and below is the letter our former CEO and now Board President, Heather Jackson, sent to the Governor this morning.   Your immediate action is needed to continue safe and legal access to CBD products.
Thank you! 

Dear Governor Newsom, 

I understand you are in the process of deciding the future of CBD in the state of California.

During your deliberations, I ask that you consider the thousands of families in the state of California who depend on CBD to address their urgent health needs; many whose very life depends on the uninterrupted access to this critical therapy. 

Our organization, the Realm of Caring, represents over 10,000 families in California and over 57,000 more around the world. We have a very passionate and dedicated community that supports us vocally on social as well as traditional media. 

Beyond my role as Board President, I have the privilege of being a mother to my son Zaki, whose life was literally saved by CBD. Zaki is continually featured in major stories on programs like 60 Minutes and CNN as a representative of thousands of kids like him whose life has been saved by this treatment. 

It is crucial to our community that you determine a path to maintain ‘continuity of care’ for our California families with loved ones who’s quality of life depends on consistent access to quality CBD. I trust that you will make the right decision and clarify any legal grey area for these families while legislators and state agencies work through regulation. 

Sincerely yours, 

Heather Jackson 

President, Board of Directors Realm of Caring