We needed an alternative before we lost her

We needed an alternative before we lost her

Our nine-year-old daughter has an intractable seizure disorder.  She has had to endure hundreds of seizures daily for many years of her short life.  We have tried nearly every medical approach suggested to us. She has been administered over a dozen anti-seizure medications, eaten a special high fat (Ketogenic) diet since the age of one, had a vagus nerve stimulator, been considered and rejected for brain surgery, and more; all with temporary or only partial success in controlling her seizures. The anti-seizure medications (and benzodiazepines) she has been on caused major delays in development.  This, in turn, has reduced or negated socialization with her family and peers.

One year ago her seizures were uncontrollable and she required hospitalizations every month or two.  For control, she was prescribed adult rather than child benzodiazepine doses that stopped this out of control spiral but made her unable to move or communicate; she slept most of her days away.  We could only watch our daughter, far out of our reach. Obviously, this state of affairs could not be sustained.

An alternative had to be found before we lost her.  We learned about children with intractable epilepsy taking a cannabidiol (CBD) oil.  This was not to be confused with THC marijuana which has been used recreationally to get high.  As parents, just as we had for all previous recommendations, we looked closely into this idea before we decided to proceed on this novel approach.  

We learned cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound that has significant medical benefits and she began taking Charlottes Web, & since starting this CBD oil we have seen great improvements with her seizure control, development, and overall health.  She has been able to reduce her medications and the high fat, Ketogenic Diet. She is able to function at a much higher level, can take advantage of school and therapy, have meaningful social times with her family, and is beginning to socialize with peers.

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