Three Stories In One!

Three Stories In One!

The amazing miracles of Charlotte's Web, that my family and friend have experienced so far, are as follows. My beloved 6-year-old relative who was born with a hypothalamic hamartoma no longer has seizures and her behavior is markedly better because she is no longer taking Keppra (the only seizure drug she took), which made her cantankerous.

My dear friend, who has Alzheimer's, seems to feel much less stress and anxiety in her daily life now. Anxiety will still pop up occasionally, if she becomes too agitated by prolonged confusion, but it does not seem to wear her down as before and make her mention comments about 'throwing in the towel'. I am still hopeful that her memory will improve, but we have not had good fortune there yet.

As a preventative measure, I have been taking 20 drops of CBD each day. First, I have more energy than before and find myself bounding down the stairs from time to time which makes me think I must be happier too. I am exercising more than usual, though still not every day, and seem to be thinking about actually pursuing some plans which I have been thinking about for several years now.

All of these results are making me so hopeful for the future of my family. I highly recommend cannabis therapy for your loved ones too.

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