US Government hears your comments about rescheduling marijuana (cannabis) #TakeAction

US Government hears your comments about rescheduling marijuana (cannabis)  #TakeAction

Photo Credits : Freedom Leaf Magazine

You've probably heard that the US Government is taking public comments - yes, your comments - about rescheduling marijuana (cannabis) through October 31st, 2018. It's currently scheduled at level 1 with no known medical benefits. Do you think it should be rescheduled or de-scheduled and removed from the list of controlled substances altogether?
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If you are struggling with words to say, take some inspiration from one of our RoC Directors, Joel Munson. Remember to keep it short and to the point, check your grammar, and don't use curse words.
Joel says:


"I am writing to inform you about the cannabis plant and its resin.


The cannabis plant contains over 500 compounds. Over 100 of these are unique to the cannabis plant, they are called cannabinoids. Only one of these cannabinoids has a mind-altering effect and thus a potential for abuse. It is called THC. No other cannabinoid has any potential for abuse.


Different strains of cannabis contain different levels of THC. Some strains contain almost no THC and these do not belong on the CSA whatsoever. Some strains contain higher amounts of THC and are liable to be abused. However, cannabis is abused at much lower rates than other recreational drugs. Cannabis has a lower rating for dependence, withdrawal, and tolerance than alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine, three drugs that are completely legal for adults to use according to Federal law.


Though THC is the only mind-altering cannabinoid, preclinical and animal research is showing almost every cannabinoid to have remarkable therapeutic potential in mammals thanks to the newly discovered endogenous cannabinoid system, which controls all biological functions (See attached). They are showing to not just combat symptoms but to actually fight the root cause of everything from cancer and autoimmune diseases to neurological and age-related diseases.


There has never been clinical research on humans studying the medical effectiveness of cannabinoids because of the Schedule 1 status of cannabis. The Schedule 1 status makes it virtually impossible to conduct research on it. If it were re-scheduled to a lower level or preferably de-scheduled altogether, it would be a boon for research and health outcomes for the human race.


When a substance from the black market is taken above ground to a regulated market, “trafficking” becomes “shipping and handling.” There is no need to smuggle or import drugs of dubious quality when they can be produced locally with high-quality standards within a legal framework.


I hope that you will take these comments seriously. Thank you for your consideration."