Mugs of RoC- Kelly, Care Specialist

Mugs of RoC- Kelly, Care Specialist

Kelly is one of our newest Care Specialists here at RoC. She's only been here a month, but she jumped in with both legs and is totally RoC'n it!! Kelly is awesome. We knew her before she started, she is married to one of our favorite chiropractors, Dr. Gengler of Chiroworks (shameless plug, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need a chiro in the Colorado Springs area, he has PLENTY of experience with kiddos with special needs, and he is my assumed holistic health coach LOL!), so of course we knew we'd love her. What we didn't know is that she has a BA in German AND Psychology, is a licensed massage therapist, taught at a community college and has worked extensively in the medical field... but as she says, she's a mom first and foremost! <3 She is smart as whip, nothing gets past this lady, and she's not afraid to share her mind and thoughts, making her a wonderful team member.

Without further delay, please meet Kelly Gengler!
Nicole: "Say "Hi," Kelly!"

Kelly: "Hi, Kelly." (See. Smart, LOL!)

What's in your mug?

"Coffee. (me- ? "Yes, continue.") I'm a latte lover, not coffee picky, I'll take it any way you hand it to me. It's social for me, an event with family or friends, if no one's around, I don't drink it at all. I'm from a farm family so we had coffee time. In the morning it was with a sandwich and milk with just a splash of coffee. In the afternoon was cake, cookies, or pie and coffee. My Grandma owned a restaurant, so whatever was left over from there was what we had in the afternoon."

Where did you get your mug?

"Berea, KY. Visiting the art college. It was at their gift store, whatever you bought from there went directly to that student's tuition. I think this guy may be doing more things now, Ripley"

Why do you love it?

"It reminds me that dreams can be simple. His dream was to be a potter. So simple in concept, working with the earth and it's elements. "

Why do you love RoC?

"It's kind of a simple dream too. Take out all of the politics, the "should have's" and "would be's" and it's just a simple choice, to choose your own medicine. "


What's the last thing you bought: An oil change. (Ugh, adulting.)

What's the weirdest thing in your fridge: Probably whatever something has turned into...LOL! But really, it's full of German stuff- kraut and mustards.

What was your favorite website: Super Waldor-y. They homeschool. It's run by two generations of crafters, a mother and daughter team, and the kiddos help too. (SIDENOTE: There is a Waldorf school very close to our office, Mountain Song Community School, where both Kelly and I have kiddos that attend. I LOVE Waldorf style education!! Kelly and I both also homeschooled.)

What's your favorite way to spend time: Reading. The last thing I read was The Trails of Apollo by Rick Riordan. And the Percy Jackson series. If it has hard sides and paper, I read it. I also am reading a Yoga for the Office book. Oh, and an Autism Spectrum book, about limiting screen time, by a Dr. Delaney.

Where would you travel to: Vienna, Austria. LOVED it there. I went to the University of Vienna for a year studying 16th and 17th literature, in German. Also took some psych classes there.

What's your favorite music: Strings! I play violin and viola. (Me: What! No way?! I play strings! By "play", I mean I have a cello and mandolin that stare at me longingly from the corner of the room.... I'm sorry dear instruments, I have disappointed you, but soon.)

I have to say, this has been one of the more surprising interviews thus far. Not that I doubted Kelly was awesome, but it's so neat to get to know someone you work with on a deeper, more involved level. How their experiences have shaped them and their outlook on life. Very excited to keep up our little Mugs experiment and see what else we unearth.

Until next month, be well and take care!