This therapy frees my child

This therapy frees my child

The cannabinoid therapy has allowed my family to feel more normal. My son, is able to function as a normal, happy little boy. Being able to send him to school or to hang out with friends, knowing that his chances of having a seizure attack are minimized, is so relieving for all of us.

The grant has helped in so many ways, recently it has helped me purchase birthday gifts for my son's eighth birthday as well as a Pokemon birthday cake that he loved. Not having to sacrifice medication or my child's happiness of having a fun party means so much to me.

The aid has made the difference of being stuck in the old fashioned, outdated ways of only intense, adverse effects pharmaceutical drugs can treat epilepsy but also can damage my son's internal organs and turn him into a zombie. This therapy frees my child. There are no adverse side effects. In fact, I've only seen positive outcomes like better focus and appetite.


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