Parkinson's helped by CBD

Parkinson's helped by CBD

Since I have taken CBD, it has been a miracle to me and I believe it has saved my life!

Without your assistance, I would be devastated into severe suffering within my Parkinson's Disease.  My only downfall is I cannot afford enough of this medication to last until I have enough money to purchase my next bottle so that I don't run out.  However, I am truly grateful for what I have.  

I have tried the Parkinson's prescription medications, of which all have given me severe horrific hallucinations, loss of hair, swelling on the inside of my neck - as if I am choking, biting my tongue, biting the inside of my cheeks, horrible side effects. I have qualified for the brain surgery, but I had severe allergic reactions to all the Parkinson's medications, and prior to agreeing to the brain surgery, the surgeon told me that I will have the same side effects, so I chose not to take any more prescription Parkinson's meds, nor have the surgery. 

CBD is the only thing that helps me and saves my life.  Forever I will be grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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