He just wants to inspire others!

He just wants to inspire others!

Trevon migrated to the US from Trinidad & Tobago in 1994 after completing high school. Shortly after arriving in the US, he joined the Army. As a soldier, he traveled to Africa, Europe, and Asia. Trevon was educated through travel and constant self-conducted research. 

In 1996, during his service in active military duty, Trevon was injured and suffered a traumatic brain injury which resulted in seizures, migraines, PTSD, depression, vertigo, and chronic pain.  In 2013, as a result of one of those migraines, Trevon had a work accident which caused the amputation of several fingers.

Through his challenges, he has always had a relentless desire to help others, thus leading to him becoming a speaker and author.  Trevon’s message is “purpose.” He believes that everyone is here for a great and divine purpose. Through ATF (Adaptive Training Foundation), his goal is to spread his message to others and to inspire those around him. 

As of today 7/15/2019 Trevon is now 73 days seizure-free and only experienced 3 migraines since starting his ATF class on 4/23/2019. He has also run a 5K and will be doing more training for a Spartan race in October. He uses CBD products to manage his symptoms. 


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