Cancer in remission & seizures reduced

Cancer in remission & seizures reduced

Michelle has found a therapeutic dose of 7.5ml/day for almost complete seizure control. In spite of other new medical problems she has been almost seizure-free and is noted to NOT have regressed cognitively and instead continues to improve cognitively and intellectually. Crohn's and arthritis are still in remission.   Michael is in remission from liver cancer since June 2017. Doctor's reported scan from Feb 2018 was impressive and best yet. He continues to thrive, exercises every day and feels great.

The grant has allowed us to afford the 5-6 bottles of CBD that we need each month for Michelle and Michael by covering 3 bottles. It allows us to have finances for the extra caregiver help we need so I can go to doctor appointments with Michael. The financial assistance you are providing is a tremendous help and has lifted a great burden especially during the uncertain times when my husband was diagnosed while still having to meet Michelle's needs. 

This grant is lifesaving. Without CBD I know my husband would not be in remission. His doctors gave him a grim outlook with very few treatment options, one being a liver transplant. Because of CBD he is thriving and in remission. His doctors remark how they are shocked at how well he is doing. He wants to be well to continue to be here for Michelle.  

Michelle, in spite of so much medically going on, continues to learn and can be happy. She laughs, gives us kisses and has a quality of life she never had before. Her seizures are much more controlled with a 3-month seizure-free period. Her chronic pain is greatly reduced requiring less prescription pain meds and getting better each day.  Michelle's grandma says "CBD is a miracle and a blessing!"

Michelle and Michael’s Story 

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