Better Sense of Well Being

Better Sense of Well Being

Hemp oil has given me better moods and a more positive outlook with the medical load I am dealing with and limited to. I am battling several life threatening health issues and the oil helps in many ways--constipation, mood, pain, sense of well being, coats my colon, and helps with fewer muscle spasms. I tried not having it and seemed to have more issues so I know first hand that it works and I will always take it daily for its great benefits.

The monthly grant helps me purchase medical Ensure drinks and the oil and helps me tremendously and I would be in worse shape overall without it. I am so grateful to have it and also be able to take the oil daily.  It helps with pain management and the amount of medication in my pump to help ease my tremendous pain in my spine and overall wellbeing.

Many thanks to RoC for the great work they do to help the disabled and less fortunate.

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