Ketogenic Diet & VNS Didn't Work When CBD Did

Ketogenic Diet & VNS Didn't Work When CBD Did

My daughter Mikayla started having seizures at 4 months old, she was diagnosed with epilepsy and started medicine at age 8 months. We had little success with the medications so we started the Ketogenic diet at age 2. She was on seizure and Ketogenic diet free for 1 year, then more seizures broke through. We dropped the Ketogenic diet because it isn't the healthiest diet; really high fat, low carbs, and we then went through 11 medications without attaining any resemblance of seizure control.

Her cognitive skills, strength, and coordination all began to regress.  She has broken both feet and an arm as a result of having seizures. She had a Vagus Nerve Stimulator implanted in 2010, it has helped a little with the seizures. In 2012 we attempted the Ketogenic diet once more, however, this time we did not have any success at all. We heard about Charlotte's Web in the fall of 2013, my wife and Mikayla moved to Colorado Springs in December 2013 and Mikayla had her first dose of CW on December 26th.  

Families shouldn't have to split or relocate to have access to something that can improve their child's quality of life.  To date, Mikayla has been completely weaned off of Onfi, it is one of 3 meds she was taking upon arrival to Colorado and we are half way through weaning her off a second medication, Felbamate.  She is a much different child than she was on December 26th 2013; more alert, better thought process, speech is improved, she is stronger and has better coordination.

Mikayla's seizures have not completely stopped but are greatly improved.  As parents we are not wanting to get our children high, that is what we are trying to get away from by weaning our children off of the pharmaceuticals, we just want what any other parent wants for their child, a better quality of life.

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