Talking With Heroes - Bob's Story

Talking With Heroes - Bob's Story

Realm of Caring has been very helpful to me in better understanding how hemp oil, CBD and THC can help me. I have experienced a reduction in spasms from my three foot surgeries with hemp oil. And I have experienced a reduction of pain as a result of damage inside the prostate from a combination of THC and CBD. Pain reduction is quick and very obvious. I have been able to stop using opioid pain relievers. Now I am also hoping that THC/CBD liquid tinctures can help with the cancer that started in the prostate and spread. I am told I now have stage 4 cancer.

I am 70 years old. Since my last trip over to Iraq and Afghanistan late 2011 I have had 7 surgeries for my hand shoulder, and 3 foot surgeries which has left me with a permanent problem with walking.  I had prostate cancer surgery in late 2014. Over the past year it became real that not only did the surgery not work but it left scar tissue inside the prostate and a lesion wrapped around the urethra gland.

The pain from sitting can be very bad. I also found out this year that not only do I still have cancer in the prostate but it has also spread. The oncologist said I have stage 4 cancer. My PSA since starting the medications dropped from 35 to 4.7 and I was told the medicines could increase my life 12 to 17 months. My hope is that while taking the medications that I put into my body with the right plant and food medicines will also remove the cancer. The biggest challenge with me living on a small fixed income of less than $900 per month is to be able to afford the hemp oil. People who I have helped over the past 11 years with my talk show and are starting to respond with prayers and funds

Bob’s Story

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