She Kicks Her Legs With Excitement

She Kicks Her Legs With Excitement

Miss Ciara has had seizure's since birth, she has a Cerebral Palsy diagnosis, a seizure disorder, and recently was re-diagnosed with LGS (Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome).  We have faced challenges since the beginning and given no hope or encouragement of healing they just painted a grim picture. But I told them her life will be what we make of it & I am doing my best to give her the best life she can have with the challenges we face.

When I heard about cannabis and CBD hemp oils helping with seizures, I was excited and filled with hope, especially after reading testimony after testimony of it working for all these kids just like my Ciara.  But I couldn't move to another state, it was a dismal situation & then thankfully Ohio passed our medical marijuana law.

Then we struggled to get it and still face "federal" ramifications for wanting to do the natural thing to help control my daughters constant seizures. I worry about losing her nursing, and her medical benefits since it is not "federally legal" yet. But since the first dose I have been seeing a huge reduction of seizures, like almost obsolete. Have also seen an increase in her keeping her eyes open, seeing her happier and laughing.  Seeing her kick her legs with excitement.

It is a true God given gift what God has given us in this plant.  It's time to debunk the myths, time to end prohibition on marijuana. For my Ciara, and for all those like her & others facing/dealing with other situations in their lives.  

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