A Mother's Story To Save Her Son

A Mother's Story To Save Her Son

Austin’s health has not only improved but is continuing to improve as we have raised the dosage.  His transformation is amazing. Our prayer is that he will one day be seizure free. We cannot afford to go up on the oil at this time, but it is our hope that one day we will be able to and Austin will finally know life without seizures. I'm so grateful for this product and the opportunity of better quality of life for our son.

I could never describe to you the emotions that ravage through a mother to see her child suffer, or to watch her child as his body begins to wither and fade from lack of oxygen during an apnea seizure event.  A mother should never have to know the ache of offering her very own oxygen-rich breaths to inflate her child's lungs and sustain his life. But to know such anguish multiple and countless times a day is ....well... I have no words for such anguish.  

But your grant! Your hand reaching out to support us through attaining this product, it has made ALL THE DIFFERENCE.  Austin's seizures have such better control that I RARELY have to breathe for him anymore. It is my hope that we will one day be able to afford to raise him on a higher dosage and possibly attain a seizure free result. This product has been his miracle.

Austin's Story

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